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Sunshine Winter Sailing

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08/12 Announcing New Voyages

November Sailing – Sail me to the sun

Classic Sailing suggestions for sailing in November If you live in the dark, wet Northern hemisphere you could hide under the duvet with a

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06/12 Announcing New Voyages

February Sailing – Where can I go on a tall ship?

You can go sailing in February, but where? February is the month to see the Antarctic Peninsula, as the summer ends. The snow flurries

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sail Australisia and pacific

06/12 Announcing New Voyages

January Sailing – Caribbean, Cape Verde, Antarctica or Australia

You can go sailing in January. The wildlife is breeding in Antarctica, Its summer in New Zealand and Australia and island hopping by tall

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Antarctic sunset by Valeery Vasilevsky

05/12 Announcing New Voyages

December Sailing – What can a sailor do this month?

Classic Sailing offer our top tips for actually sailing in December, or skills you can learn on dry land this month that will enhance

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08/02 Featured Destination

Oosterschelde: A Tropical Adventure

Island Hopping – Far From the Beaten Path If you’re yearning to explore tropical islands (and who isn’t!) a voyage aboard the1917 Dutch Topsail

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refit Work on Oosterschelde

23/09 Darwin200 Around the World

Oosterschelde September 2022 Maintenance

. MAINTENANCE  Major job, After two previous restorations of a part of the hull, we decided to tackle the third part as well. This

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Sailing Holidays on Provident with Classic Sailing

06/09 Inspiration


Couples take many holidays together ashore but are less likely to share a sailing holiday. It’s not surprising really, as a  sailing holiday is

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Sailing Holidays on Tecla with Classic Sailing

29/08 Sunshine Winter Sailing

Sail South Until the Butter Melts

For centuries sailing ships crossing the Atlantic would sail from Europe ‘South until the butter melts’ to a latitude around the Canaries or the

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Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

24/08 Sunshine Winter Sailing

The five C’s of Sunshine Sailing this Winter

Winter Sailing Holidays C No 1 What we all need, especially in winter, Vitamin Sea!Sunshine sailing to revitalise the body and soul. Sailing has

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Current Voyages

Eye of the Wind

Baltic Sea Tall Ship Taster EYE25/16


Wed 21-05-2025

Kiel, Germany


Tue 27-05-2025

Eckernforde, Germany

sail on eye of the wind with classic sailing




Sail Row Explore - Tallulah provides the thrilling sailing and our rowing boat lets us explore ashore


Sat 19-04-2025

St Mawes, Cornwall


Tue 22-04-2025

St Mawes, Cornwall



The Boat Building Academy

Looking for a New Career? 40 Week Boat Building Course with City & Guilds professional trade qualification. Some bursaries available


Mon 17-02-2025

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis


Fri 05-12-2025

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis

Fitting the last plank on a boat building project