Voyage Filters

What are you looking for in a Sailing Holiday marketing agency? 

Bookings, Bookings and more bookings.

How do we do that for you?

We learn your about you and your ambitions.

Together we develop the best strategy to promote your voyages.

We unfold the strategy on a purpose made website and on social media world wide.


Forget the printed word, PR is so last century, its vanity marketing and a gamble.

You pay your money and you might get a mention in the UK press.

Look to Social Media.

It’s programable, fast, international, and generates consistent results.

(Results can happen within minutes of a post.)

Service flexibility

We offer different levels of service depending on your needs.

In the winter you may be ashore and fully able to deal with all the booking and payment processing yourself. 

When you are at sea or unable to take it all on yourself we can do it all for you.

What works for you, we adapt to it.