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The late author and Explorer Kit Mayers with a globe. You can buy his book to help raise funds for Greenpeace.

20/04 Inspiration

‘The First English Explorer’… and a much more recent one

My grandfather, Kit Mayers, was a big influence on me. His stubborn adventurousness, stoicism and passion for the world was inspirational.

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06/04 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Climb the Rigging on a Tall Ship?

On a tall ship voyage you will be encouraged to climb the rigging. If you enjoy it, this will be part of your job

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Tall Ship Sailing on Morgenster with Classic Sailing

04/04 Inspiration

Spring Time Sale!

The days are getting longer and warmer – why not blow away the winter cobwebs with our Spring Sail Sale! Be quick – many

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Sun set on Tecla

10/03 Inspiration

Time for a Change? Why Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Your Career Break or Gap Year

. When you’ve been doing the same old thing for a long time it’s beneficial – no, essential – to get a new perspective

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02/03 Inspiration

Sail Cargo: Delicious Produce Shipped by Wind Power

A Quiet Revolution The team at Classic Sailing have always admired the work of New Dawn Traders. This small Cornish organisation has taken on

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Active adventure sailing holidays with Classic Sailing

25/01 Featured Destination

Summer Sailing Holidays 2023

Summer Sailing Holidays 2023 All our summer sailing holidays in 2023 are ‘hands on’ sailing holidays. There is no need to have previous experience

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sailing holidays on tall ships and classic yachts

28/12 Inspiration

Bringing in the New Year

Splice the Mainbrace to Celebrate the New Year To “splice the mainbrace” is an old nautical expression for starting to celebrate any relevant event,

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Sailing holidays on Tenacious with Classic Sailing Tall Ships photo by Max Mudie at

21/12 Inspiration

Top 10 Voyages for…Running Away to Sea

The festive season is a wonderful time of the year, but somehow it can also instil a desire to escape, get out of the

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Tecla sailing through icy waters on a Classic Sailing adventure holiday. The nameplate of the ship with the green capping rail can be seen in the bright light as the ship slowly noses through the ice,

15/12 Cold Climate Sailing

Sailing the Northwest Passage

Where is the Northwest Passage? The Northwest Passage is the sea route stretching through the Arctic Ocean, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific along the

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17/11 Inspiration

Unforgettable Antarctica: Let Tecla Take You There

Sailing in Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. There is an awful lot of hyperbole around these days, but this is one thing which it is simply not possible to exaggerate.

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Ocean Sunrise with Classic Sailing

10/11 Inspiration

The Rhythm of the Sea

Life at sea has different rhythms to the land. There are more changes than you might think and they all add to a unique

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Saiing holidays on Grayhound

21/10 Climate Change

Cargo by Sail: Ideology and Practicality

. On the weekend of the 14th October, Classic Sailing attended a conference of the burgeoning Sail Cargo Alliance, held in windswept West Cornwall.

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Calm seas surround Gothenburg

10/10 Featured Destination

The Beautiful Baltic

If you enjoy cruising in more sheltered waters, the Baltic offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. There are places with fast tides so you

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Current Voyages

Santa Maria Manuela

Autumn Island Sailing & Yoga SM051123


Sun 05-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira


Thu 09-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira

Santa maria Manuela Credit to H Boehm



Santa Maria Manuela

Autumn Blue Water Sailing SM291023


Sun 29-10-2023

Lisbon, Portugal


Sat 04-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira



Santa Maria Manuela

Blue Water Crossing SM120923


Tue 12-09-2023

Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores


Thu 21-09-2023

Lisbon, Portugal



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