Couples take many holidays together ashore but are less likely to share a sailing holiday. It’s not surprising really, as a  sailing holiday is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Ken sailors and the not so keen.

There are vessels and voyages that can satisfy both the keen sailor and someone more inclined to enjoy the view than participating in the sailing.

With the right choice both partners can have a really great time and both benefit from being at sea.

What to look for.


First you need to sail on a vessel that has cabins for two. Sometimes these are bunk beds and occasionally double beds. Nearly all the accommodation for two people is in private cabins but on some of the smaller boats it might be best described as secluded rather than private!

Berth Description

On our voyages the berth description tells you what the accommodation is and whether the price is per person or per cabin.

Voyage type

So if you are both to be happy on a sailing holiday you need one that combines active sailing and enjoyable viewing and or ample sunshine.

Short breaks

A short holiday by its nature is not going to go far from the coast and most are designed to have a quiet restful anchorage overnight. 

In our search box ‘Voyage Type’ we use the term ‘Daytime Sailing and anchoring overnight.’ 

Ample Sunshine voyages.

Winter sunshine voyages occur in the Canary Islands and voyages heading south. 

In the Cape Verde and voyages heading southward.

There are many voyages in the Caribbean and northern South America

There are two vessels sailing in the Pacific but some of these head for cooler climates!.

Summer voyages in the Baltic are likely to be both sheltered and sunny.

Vessels with accommodation for couples 

Trinovante accommodation voyages to follow

Tallulah accommodation voyages

Mascotte accommodation voyages

Eye of the Wind accommodation voyages

Anny of Charlestown accommodation voyages 

Tecla accommodation voyages

Provident accommodation voyages

Morgenster accommodation voyages

Oosterschelde accommodation voyages

Grayhound accommodation voyages to follow

Santa Maria Manuela accommodation voyages

Johanna Lucretia accommodation voyages to follow

Santa Maria Manuela has a large number of twin cabins in a very luxurious style and probably offers the gentlest of sailing being a big four masted tall ship.

Eye of the Wind, Tecla, and Provident only have twin cabins and are ideal for couples on a sailing holiday.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a voyage for a couple please drop us an email 

or call us on +44 (0) 1326 53 1234

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