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December Sailing – What can a sailor do this month?

Antarctica with Classic Sailing

Classic Sailing offer our top tips for actually sailing in December, or skills you can learn on dry land this month that will enhance your sailing experiences in the future. We also look at your options for Christmas presents to lure others into a sailing obsession.

All Voyages and courses in December 2023

Voyages and courses so far announced for December 2024

Unusual Places to Celebrate Christmas

Antarctica, The Falklands, Cape Verde, South Orkney Isles. These are some of the places our guests have opened their Christmas presents. The Classic Sailing fleet never fails to find you totally unique places to celebrate Christmas. The crews on board are always determined to create and share the best Christmas ever with you.

Ditch the though of a ski holiday at Christmas. Its too early for good snow in Europe. Keep active and get a sun or wind tan as working ship’s crew on a sailing holiday instead


Cape Verde Sailing for tropical sun, trade winds and wahoo

The islands of Boa Vista, Sal, Sao Antao, St Vincent, Sao Nicolau are an incredible winter sailing ground to equal or surpass the Caribbean. Boa Vista and Sal are a bit barren but the others are green, friendly and unspoilt. The climate is the same as the Caribbean, but typically drier. It’s a windy sailors paradise, hot tropical sun and the turquoise seas are full of wahoo, flying fish. The islanders love their street music, surfing and fish, and so far the outer islands are very rural and unspoilt by tourism..

Cape Verde Sailing Voyages – all current dates

Christmas treats and gifts for sailors

We sell Gift vouchers for £50, £100. £150, £250, £295, £695 and amounts upwards.

This is what they could buy:

£150 would cover a day sail, £295 would cover a 2 day boat building or woodwork courses. £500 would cover some short voyages. £695 would cover a 5 day boat building course. You can use them towards any Classic Sailing voyage or course ashore. Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years. You can print off your gift voucher as soon as you have bought it, and there are a choice of cards you can print to give to the recipient. If you are buying it for a surprise present for someone else we can keep the news of their gift voucher secret until a specific date.

December is a good time to plan a group booking for a special occasion like a 60th birthday, before each vessels sailing programme becomes too booked up for whole boat bookings. The best way to organise this is to email or phone us on +44 (0)1326 531234

Buy a Classic Sailing Gift Voucher from £50

December is for learning new nautical skills

If you cant go sailing, learn some skills that will enhance your summer sailing plans. Whether you sail for fun, to boost your confidence, or for a future career or travel dream, the winter can be a good time to consolidate your skills.

Shorebased navigation, sailing business workshops, boat-building and woodwork courses, even winter RYA sailing courses for the hardy are possible.

Winter Workshops afloat in December 2024

financial assistance to learn to build boats like this

December Sailing – Build A Boat in your Garage

If you want to own, build or restore a wooden dinghy, strip plank canoe or learn the basics to maintain a classic yacht then our partnership with the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis would be invaluable. They have lots of short courses Through winter and summer covering basic woodwork to boat building techniques, carvel and clinker construction, wooden boat renovation, GRP repairs, varnishing like a pro and sail making.

Shorebased boat building courses



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