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January Sailing – Caribbean, Cape Verde, Antarctica or Australia

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You can go sailing in January. The wildlife is breeding in Antarctica, Its summer in New Zealand and Australia and island hopping by tall ship in the Caribbean is something we all fancy when stuck with the short days of a European winter. We recommend Cape Verde too as a less well known winter sailing ground. Less of a long haul flight, but as tropical and windy as the Caribbean, this archipelago sits off the West African coast on the same latitude as St Lucia.

If you cant go sailing in January at least you can dream and scheme about sailing in the future. It is the perfect time to research and book the sailing adventures, though the year that will keep you sane, or set some personal goals or sailing challenges for the New Year. Perhaps do a theory navigation course or learn how to steam bend wood to repair your own wooden dinghy. See some of our bucket list thoughts and course options below.

Where Can I go Sailing in January?

Typically every January there will be sailing in classic winter sun destinations like Caribbean or Cape Verde.

Also in the Southern Hemisphere it is mid summer. Classic Sailing often has sailing adventures in places like Australia or New Zealand, and if we have tall ships going around the world (see Tecla and Oosterschelde for example) then they will have routes that sail through the Southern Hemisphere, whether it be crossing the Pacific, Indian Ocean or Southern Ocean.

If you head further south from Cape Horn or Cape Leewin then it is peak summer season for sailing the Chilean fjords and Antarctic Peninsula. You can often enjoy Christmas and New Year amongst the penguins and icebergs but come end of February most of our tall ships are heading into Sub Antarctic waters. See Classic Sailing top tips for February and the wildlife wonders of South Georgia.

See the dates below for our current voyage options for January

All Voyages and courses in January 2024

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Tecla and Classic Sailing

Sail the Antarctic by Tall Ship – In the Wake of the Polar Explorers

January is peak summer in Antarctica and you can have every type of weather from katabatic winds to clear still days where you can bask in the sunshine as if you were in a ski resort. The wildlife is fearless and straight out of a David Attenborough Frozen Planet episode every day. Orca, Humpback whales, Leopard seals, millions of penguins, over friendly fur seals and the most incredible mountains. Whilst you are sailing around the Peninsula and islands like South Shetland there are often several landings a day by ships boat.

Tall ship Tecla has a small guest crew so she really does feel like an expedition ship from a past age. Its a shared adventure and this brave little steel ship makes a habit of sailing around the world from Arctic North West Passage to the mind blowing wildlife of Antarctica and South Georgia. Places are at a premium and you need an adventurous mindset and good agility and fitness for these incredibly remote parts of the planet.

Read more about Antarctica

January Ideas for Goal Orientated Sailors

If you think you might want to make a career change into sailor, see our research pages on how to gain qualifications and experience that will make you stand out from the crowd. (PS you don’t need a beard to be a professional sailor, there are many female skippers and mates in the sailing world today.)

If you just want to be a better sailor, or learn to sail as a novice, then take a look at our intro to sailing courses and use January to set your sailing goals for the year.

RYA Courses and other Specialist courses for classic boats

Bucket lists for Sailors – using responsible travel

Ok we hate the term bucket lists, but who can resist setting some to start the new year? We could call them something more grown up like ‘Rites of Passage’, Responsible travel treats, ‘flight lite’ adventures.

As if we would succumb to Instagram posing. I think I have been doing it for years, but lets get imaginative with our bucket lists and try and find responsible travel goals that tread lightly on the planet. See Classic Sailing Climate Strategy for ideas.

responsible travel – How you can help

Boat Building Academy Courses in January – Sawdust & Storm Watching

Using hand woodwork tools likes planes and chisels keeps you warm and is better than any gym at toning muscles. I should know. I lost half a stone and gained biceps on the 40 week professional boat building course at Lyme Regis. You can get a taste of it in January with both 2 day and 5 day short courses at the Boat Building Academy.

At lunch time enjoy a hot chocolate from the Deli Welly café down in Lyme Regis harbour, or buy one of the warming lunches, hand made at the college by Wendy. The BBA is located on the seafront so you can watch the waves hitting the famous Cobb harbour wall. Who needs to go storm chasing?

Boat building short courses in January 2024

financial assistance to learn to build boats like this


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