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Oosterschelde September 2022 Maintenance

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Major job,

After two previous restorations of a part of the hull, we decided to tackle the third part as well. This is a major undertaking and secures the safety of vessel for many years ahead. The fact that Oosterschelde will be leaving for a global voyage in 2023 made us decide to carry out these works this year. 

Loads more to do!

And as if this one major job isn’t enough here is what we are doing maintenance and refit work on

the entire rigging has been taken off the ship. 

  1. All the sails 
  2. All booms, gaffs and yards. 
  3. All the masts and topmasts
  4. On the quay is a bewildering view of all the spars, steel cables, lines, and blocks, each clearly labelled so we know where it goes back.


Tons of Stuff

All spars will be scraped, sanded, and checked. Where necessary, repairs are made, and we will revarnish every part. The standing rigging (all steel cables) and the running rigging (all blocks and ropes) are also checked and overhauled where required.

Full Swing

The maintenance work is in full swing now, and Oosterschelde will be ready to sail again in December. #

Will you be joining Oosterschelde?

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All Oosterschelde Voyages


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