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Sun set on Tecla

10/03 Inspiration

Time for a Change? Why Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Your Career Break or Gap Year

. When you’ve been doing the same old thing for a long time it’s beneficial – no, essential – to get a new perspective

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14/02 Climate Change

Travel Around the World in the Footsteps of Charles Darwin

DARWIN200 Around the World Become part of DARWIN200 – a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders andengage millions

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17/11 Inspiration

Unforgettable Antarctica: Let Tecla Take You There

Sailing in Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. There is an awful lot of hyperbole around these days, but this is one thing which it is simply not possible to exaggerate.

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Sailing on Anny of Charlestown with Classic Sailing

22/09 Inspiration

Sea, Songs and Sailing

Join some of the superstars of the UK folk scene as they set sail along the south coast of Cornwall. Anny of Charlestown is

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Sailing holidays on Provident to St Kilda with Classic Sailing

07/09 Inspiration

St Kilda an Introduction

Provident Sails back in Time Originally settled by humans between four and five thousand years ago, St Kilda’s distance from the rest of the

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19/08 Announcing New Voyages

West Country Adventures in 2023

. Just Launched: Mascotte’s Summer Schedule for 2023 1904 Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter Mascotte has just announced their sailing schedule for next summer, and

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Tall Ships by Max Mudie at

01/07 Announcing New Voyages

Falmouth Tall Ships Race 2023

Falmouth will host the start of the Tall Ships Race in 2023 for the sixth time. The Tall Ships will be in Falmouth from

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yoga for tallulah sailors with Sophie

24/01 Inspiration

Sailing & Yoga – Coastal Retreats to Boaty Fitness Camps

The sailing holiday ethos on pilot cutter Tallulah is very much a celebration of healthy coastal living. Sailing ships with blocks and tackles are

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Fair Isle Harbour by Debbie Purser

07/01 Special Voyages

Hidden Harbours – Sail to Fair Isle

Sailors have their holy grail destinations like St Kilda or Tristan Da Cuhna, and often go to extraordinary efforts to reach these inaccessible outposts.

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RYA Yacht Master Ocean Theory Course

27/04 No Experience required

Fantastic Coastal Sailing

Brilliant Coastal Sailing Voyages that follow the coast, and start in one port and end in another, offer a real exploration journey where there

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Darwin200 Leg 1 with Classic Sailing

20/04 Special Voyages

Sail to the Isles of Man

Need an adventure? Join the Darwin200 UK Voyage Leg 1 and sail to the beautiful Isle of Man!Positioned in the Irish Sea between the islands

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Sail on Pelican for the Darwin200 UK Tour with Classic Sailing

05/04 Climate Change

Macro Plastics

Aoibhinn Lynch and Kerry MacKay’s Macro-plastic Survey Aoibhinn Lynch and Kerry MacKay led a study to investigate the scale of macro plastic pollution in

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Dawn at Sea

31/03 Ocean Passages

Seeing Dawn Break at Sea

Dawn at SeaDawn on a sailing ship out of sight of land is a very special experience.On land you may glimpse the dawn through

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Current Voyages

Santa Maria Manuela

Autumn Island Sailing & Yoga SM051123


Sun 05-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira


Thu 09-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira

Santa maria Manuela Credit to H Boehm



Santa Maria Manuela

Autumn Blue Water Sailing SM291023


Sun 29-10-2023

Lisbon, Portugal


Sat 04-11-2023

Funchal, Madeira



Santa Maria Manuela

Blue Water Crossing SM120923


Tue 12-09-2023

Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores


Thu 21-09-2023

Lisbon, Portugal



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