Announcing New Voyages

Falmouth Tall Ships Race 2023

Falmouth will host the start of the Tall Ships Race in 2023 for the sixth time.

The Tall Ships will be in Falmouth from the 15 August and Race on the 18 August 2023 to A Coruna in Spain.

You will be able to view the Parade of Sail and the Start of the Race from Classic Sailing Vessels.

An awe-inspiring spectacle of tall ships large and small.

Is hoped that about 40 tall ships will attend the Tall Ships Race in Falmouth

Tall Ship enthusiasts from all over the world will be gathering in Falmouth to spot and visit some of the tall ships. Sailing on the water on Tallulah you will add to the magnificent spectacle. There is no better way to view the tall ship fleet.

Just what is the best way to see the Tall Ships?

It’s not viewing from the land with a telescope.

It’s not from a tripper boat where you got squashed in the crowd.

It’s on a traditional sailing boat sailing amongst the fleet, adding to the glory of the day.


The Race Schedule

Falmouth 15 -18 August 2023

Tall Ship Race 1

A Coruna 24 – 27 August 2023

Cruise in Company

Lisbon 3 – 4 September 2023

Tall Ship Race 2

Cadiz 7 – 10 September 2023

Sail On Tallulah

Tallulah will be sailing amongst the Tall Ship Fleet

Full Voyage Details here

Falmouth Tall Ships Race 2023
Falmouth Tall Ships Race 2023

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