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Noorderlicht Walrus - Classic Sailing

11/11 Climate Change

Travel Advice for Eco Sailing Holidays

Classic Sailing’s Part. World Class low carbon travel. We have always known that all our sailing holidays are a very eco-friendly way to travel.

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Isles of Scilly the causeway on st agnes

18/05 Climate Change

Understanding the unique Isles of Scilly.

Why sailing in the Isle of Scilly is such a special experience. Geological Overview Wildlife Overview Cultural Overview Sailing Overview Geological Overview A brief

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Sail on Pelican for the Darwin200 UK Tour with Classic Sailing

05/04 Climate Change

Macro Plastics

Aoibhinn Lynch and Kerry MacKay’s Macro-plastic Survey Aoibhinn Lynch and Kerry MacKay led a study to investigate the scale of macro plastic pollution in

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sea level rise and boats

31/12 Climate Change

Classic Sailing & Climate Change – Draft Strategy

How Classic Sailing Customers Can help fight Climate Change – A Draft Statement With the world’s climate possibly reaching a tipping point, Classic Sailing is

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The North Sea Flood of 1953. Zuid Beveland Holland

14/09 Climate Change

The Tide that turned the Tide

The Tide that turned the Tide It was England in 1953 and the north wind was blowing! Are you sitting comfortably?  The 1953 North

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Tecla crew Scaling summits on Faroes

30/04 Climate Change

Our ethos – Adventure Afloat and Explore Ashore

Adventure Afloat; Explore Ashore We chose our sailing locations more for their wildlife, natural scenery and idyllic anchorages, than facilities ashore. Our skippers will

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Unloading the cargo is only part of the voyage

22/02 Climate Change

The Sail Cargo Revolution – Green transport and carbon free trade

Sailing Lugger Grayhound – Sail Cargo Runs in France and the West Country Eco trading under sail, where you deliver cargoes without resorting to

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Landing party from Grayhound

27/01 Climate Change

First Cargo deliveries under Sail to the Isles of Scilly

  ISLAND BREWERY SHIPS BEER BY ‘ARMED’ SAILBOAT In an effort to provide local beer and reduce emissions, a brewery based on the Isles

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Classic Sailor

26/01 Climate Change

Classic Sailor Magazine – Eco Trading Under Sail

Spoke to  Dan Houston about being able to reproduce magazine articles like this one on Grayhound In exchange for Magazine subscription sign up link or

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Current Voyages


Sete France to Castellon de la Plana Spain - OS180422


Mon 18-04-2022

Sète, France


Fri 22-04-2022

Castellón de la Plana, Spain

sail on Oosterschelde with Classic Sailing




Morgenster Cayenne to St Georges Grenada MR030123a


Tue 03-01-2023

Cayenne in French Guiana


Tue 17-01-2023

St George’s, Grenada

Your own tropical island - The Caribbean on a Tall Ship Sailing Morgenster with Classic Sailing



Was €3000.00

Eye of the Wind

Amsterdam and Frisian Islands to Elsfleth EYE22/11b


Fri 22-04-2022

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Wed 27-04-2022

Elsfleth. Germany

The Frisian island Chain