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Oosterschelde – Unexpected Voyage Availability

Voyage Availability due to cancelation

We have an unexpected availability for three unique legs aboard the tall ship Oosterschelde. These legs, part of the Darwin200 series, offer thrilling sailing experiences and the chance to explore some of the most fascinating islands in the Atlantic. Due to a cancellation, we have limited spaces available for these exclusive journeys. Below are the details and brief descriptions of each leg.

Available for one male only. 

Leg 29: Cape Town to Saint Helena Island (OS280425)

Embark: Mon 28-04-2025, Cape Town, South Africa
Disembark: Sat 10-05-2025, St Helena
Price: From €1950.00

This voyage takes you from the vibrant city of Cape Town to the remote island of Saint Helena. Known as a ‘living museum,’ Saint Helena boasts a rich history and is home to Longwood House, where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled and eventually died. The island is also renowned for its unique wildlife and plants. After disembarking, you can join a guided tour from 11/05/2025 to 17/05/2025 to explore these historic sites and wildlife hotspots.

Leg 30: Saint Helena Island to Ascension Island (OS180525)

Embark: Sun 18-05-2025, Saint Helena
Disembark: Sun 25-05-2025, Ascension Island
Price: From €1680.00

This leg must be booked together with Leg 31. Ascension Island, one of the most intriguing volcanic islands, awaits your exploration. It is home to vast nesting turtle populations, migrating land crabs, large seabird colonies, colonial forts, and an artificial rainforest created by Darwin. Upon arrival, you can stay on Ascension Island for a guided tour from 25/05/2025 to 30/05/2025 to delve into its unique wildlife and history.

Leg 31: Ascension Island to Azores (OS020625)

Embark: Mon 02-06-2025, Ascension Island – Across the Equator.
Disembark: Mon 30-06-2025, Horta, Ilha do Faial, Azores
Price: From €4350.00

This leg, which must be booked with Leg 30, offers an extraordinary journey across the equator, where you’ll have the chance to meet Neptune and his crew. The Azores, an emerald archipelago, will captivate you with its extinct volcanic peaks and lush subtropical jungles. The islands are rich in wildlife, and you’ll have the opportunity to spot dolphins and whales in the Atlantic waters. Explore remote fishing villages, historic towns, and savour the local cuisine. Regular flights connect the Azores to Europe for easy onward travel.

Each leg of these voyages offers a unique adventure, filled with historical insights, natural beauty, and unforgettable sailing experiences. Don’t miss the chance to join these exclusive trips on the Oosterschelde. 

Book now to secure your spot and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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