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Tecla Triumph – First NW Passage from West to East

“We made it! Yesterday we crossed the Arctic Circle for the second time this year, but this time going south! Nearly two months ago we crossed it just north of the Bering Strait on our way to attempt the North West Passage! Yesterday we officially succeeded by leaving the Arctic Circle behind us while sailing into Davis Strait. Of course, we celebrated with a little toast to old Neptune, thanking him for keeping us safe… Nearly 4500 nml we sailed after leaving Dutch Harbor. Departing in summer, arriving in autumn.  We have been lucky with the sea ice.

Tecla Captain Gjis Sluik

Tecla has now crossed both ways

Epic triumph of the summer of 2023 was Tecla crew sailing through the North West Passage for the second time. This intimate adventure with only 16 persons on board from 8 nationalities was something very special. The ship first navigated through in 2019 from East to West. This summer they sailed the world to go the other way through from the Aleutian Islands and Alaska in the west to Greenland. Whilst there were 3 of the ships owners on board, the rest of the crew were charter guests, playing a full role in the expedition.

SHIPS LOG 24th September 2023

66’20N 053’59W
gc 180
sp 5.5kn
weather, beautiful

“The succession of gales in the north cleared the path for us. We had time to stop at so many places of interest. Either historically or because of their natural beauty and nature! From Beluga to Polar Bear, White tailed eagle to Arctic Hare we met them all. We passed with in only a few miles of where the Erebus and Terror found their last resting place. We overlooked the Bloody Falls, scene of a great massacre 200 years ago. We passed through Bellot strait over the top of the America’s. We anchored at Beechey Island, the last know place of the Franklin expedition. We stood at Ross’s cairn. Passed Rae strait, where the man who’s name it bares discovered a North West Passage. Too much to summon up. It will take some time to sink in be for it all makes sense. We made it and that’s that!!!!

 This morning started early as they all have so far. We want to make the best of our time here, both sailing and ashore. This afternoon we are going to look for a nice anchorage to stretch our legs. But tonight, we will push on a little further. Gales are again expected, and I want none of that. Tomorrow we will find shelter in a fjord where we can sit out the windy bits. For now the main activity is basking in the morning sun with a coffee!

All is well Gijs

Next Polar Adventures on Tecla

This autumn 2023, Tecla heads South from Europe to Tenerife and accross the Atlantic to the Falklands. Her sights are set on Antarctica, Chilean Fjords, wildlife meccas like South Georgia, and a big Southern Ocean rollercoaster from Cape Horn to Cape of Good Hope.

Your next chance to sail Tecla in the Arctic is in July 2024 when Tecla will be doing some shorter expeditions around Greenland – both East and West. There is a foray into the approaches of the NW passage, but this family run Dutch ship has to take a break occasionally from roaming the world, so she is coming back to the Netherlands at the end of her 2024 Arctic Summer. Next NW passage crossing likely to be late summer 2025.

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