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Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

11/05 Voyage Reports

Crew report Sailing on a Tall Ship Eye of the Wind

Sailing on a Tall Ship Eye of the Wind. Last year I spent a week on a tall ship sailing amongst the rocky islands

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albatross in the falklands

01/12 Voyage Reports

Europa Ships Log 30-11-19 – Exploring the Falkland Isles

EUROPA SHIPS LOG: 30th November 2019 – The Falkland Isles This is a report from the ship yesterday (via satellite) Anchored in Grave Cove,

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Europa in South georgia

23/10 Cold Climate Sailing

Sea Journal -52 Day Cape to Cape

Places Europa has Visited on past 52 day voyages South Georgia  Elsehul This might be a first anchorage. Elsehul has steep cliffs protecting the Inner

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34 day antarctic expedition

22/10 Cold Climate Sailing

Sea Journal – Day by Day log of a 34 day South Georgia – Antarctica Voyage

Bark Europa – Longer Voyages in Antarctica & South Georgia  Bark Europa has been exploring the Antarctic Peninsula for over 10 years. She is

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paulet island antarctica for New Year

04/09 Cold Climate Sailing

Sea Journal: New Year in Iceberg Alley & Paulet Island

Sea Journals: A New Year off Paulet Island,  Weddell Sea I have been to Antarctica 3 times on a Dutch tall ship. Once as

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Pilot Cutter anchored off Shipman Head, Bryher

30/04 Special Voyages

Sailing Holidays in Scilly What to do ashore on Bryher & Sampson

Your Bryher accommodation could be a classic boat Would’t it be cool to stay on an eye catching sailing ship in the Scillies? Your

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Bark Europa

22/10 Voyage Reports

Tall Ship Europa – Ship’s Log

Ship’s Logs and Stories from Bark Europa as she Begins her Annual Journey from Europe to Antarctica  Leaving the Netherlands – The English Channel Leaving the

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Grayhound in Whitsand Bay rowing ashore

29/06 Reviews

Salty Summer Stories – Grayhound

Salty Stories and and Update on the Adventures of Grayhound this Summer – 2018 Three masted sailing lugger Grayhound and her wonderful crew have

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Blue Clipper

02/05 Voyage Reports

Ship’s Log: Adventures of Blue Clipper

Log Book Entries from Blue Clipper’s 2018 Adventures! Blue Clipper’s 2018 season is well underway, her epic journey began in Portugal after her winter

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Low tide between Tresco and Bryher

27/01 Voyage Reports

Sailing in Scilly – What to do on Tresco

Sailing Holidays to Tresco All Isles of Scilly anchorages are weather and swell dependent, but the Island of Tresco has moorings and anchorages on

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causeway between Gugh and St Agnes

27/01 Voyage Reports

Sailing in Scilly – What to do on St Agnes & Gugh

Sailing Holidays to St Agnes All Isles of Scilly anchorages are weather and swell dependant, but the Island of St Agnes and neighbouring Gugh

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Landing party from Grayhound

27/01 Climate Change

First Cargo deliveries under Sail to the Isles of Scilly

  ISLAND BREWERY SHIPS BEER BY ‘ARMED’ SAILBOAT In an effort to provide local beer and reduce emissions, a brewery based on the Isles

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Beckys article

26/01 Voyage Reports

Sail Cargo Blog by Becky Prizeman

A Trip of Firsts It’s not everyday that you deliver cargo under sail across the channel, nor everyday that you sail in the company

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Current Voyages


Sete France to Castellon de la Plana Spain - OS180422


Mon 18-04-2022

Sète, France


Fri 22-04-2022

Castellón de la Plana, Spain

sail on Oosterschelde with Classic Sailing




Morgenster Cayenne to St Georges Grenada MR030123a


Tue 03-01-2023

Cayenne in French Guiana


Tue 17-01-2023

St George’s, Grenada

Your own tropical island - The Caribbean on a Tall Ship Sailing Morgenster with Classic Sailing



Was €3000.00

Eye of the Wind

Amsterdam and Frisian Islands to Elsfleth EYE22/11b


Fri 22-04-2022

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Wed 27-04-2022

Elsfleth. Germany

The Frisian island Chain