Salty Summer Stories – Grayhound

Salty Stories and and Update on the Adventures of Grayhound this Summer

Three masted sailing lugger Grayhound and her wonderful crew have been enjoying the sunshine these past couple of weeks.

“A superb experience, unlike any other sailing I have experienced in 50 years or so. The captain, Marcus was very knowledgeable and capable, his wife, Freya an excellent cook and the crew Pierre and Jasper, not forgetting Georgie were great company, very patient and added to the joy of it all.
Highly recommended. Great to see tradition surviving, and indeed, flourishing.” – Feedback from cargo crew Nantes to DZ 

Earlier in June, Grayhound continued her regular cargo runs along the Breton coastline and across the Channel between Brittany and Cornwall with two back to back voyages. On the first leg of the cargo run, sailing between Nantes and Douarnenez, Grayhound sailed through the famous Pile of Peas or officially known as Tas de Pois!

Douarnenez to Falmouth

The second leg saw Grayhound leave Douarnenez bound for the Isles of Scilly for a regular delivery of organic wine, sailed across the Channel in an eco friendly way, treading lightly on the planet and leaving minimal carbon emissions behind. After a stop in the Scillies, she was bound for Falmouth for a long weekend of Day Sails, Cinema showings and festivities. 

Sails and Cinemas on Grayhound
Cinema on the Sails – Vanishing Sails movie in Falmouth

Falmouth Classics and Day Sails 

“The whole experience (for a non-sailor) was absolutely amazing. I brought the day sailing trip as a Christmas present for my partner. I also brought myself a ticket to join him and I wasn’t overly keen to go but how wrong was I! I loved it and so did my partner. Highly recommend.” – Day Sail Guest during Falmouth Classics Feedback

Cream tea, sunshine, Classic boats, racing, perfect conditions and epic sunsets. 

Nigel Sharp Photography - Grayhound sailing in Falmouth
Nigel Sharp Photography – Grayhound sailing in Falmouth

Whitsand Bay 

After an action packed weekend of racing, Grayhound began to prepare for her three day jaunt along the coast to Plymouth. With stops along the way in St Mawes and one of the most beautiful anchorages, tucked into the corner at Whitsand Bay. The ship’s gig boats were launched and the crew rowed ashore to take a walk along the coast path, before swimming back to the boat. Lush!

Whitsand Bay rowing ashore on Grayhound
Whitsand Bay rowing ashore on Grayhound

Families Welcome

Families, groups, solo sailors and couples are always welcome on Grayhound’s voyages. Family trips to the Isles of Scilly during the school holidays are always incredibly popular, so it’s not surprising they become booked up so quickly!

“Our best bits were: 1. Miriam climbing the mast on her 12th birthday, full of the cake that Freya had baked on board, fresh from blowing out the candles and hearing everyone sing; 2. taking part in exciting and fun sailing – from sweating and tailing sheets, to navigation and helming; 3. rowing ashore to explore a variety of otherwise hard-to-reach islands. Penfret super for wildlife and beaches. Houat particularly good for the museum, village and the seafood creperie (didn’t have chance to try all the other restaurants!). Not to mention a unique history, genuine “green” cargo and being the most beautiful boat in the sea!” B. Sellick- Grayhound

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