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21/06 Darwin200 Around the World

Oosterschelde – Unexpected Voyage Availability

Oosterschelde – Unexpected Voyage Availability

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Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

06/12 Announcing New Voyages

March Sailing Ideas – Trans Atlantic West – East Crossings

Where can I go sailing in March? March is the time of year to sail back across the North Atlantic Ocean, using the Westerlies

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06/12 Announcing New Voyages

February Sailing – Where can I go on a tall ship?

You can go sailing in February, but where? February is the month to see the Antarctic Peninsula, as the summer ends. The snow flurries

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Polar explorer Jim McNeill leads an Ocean warrior planning meeting. A group poring over maps. Join the adventure through Classic Sailing

11/10 Climate Change

Science & Sailing: Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions

I couldn’t praise the Linden crew highly enough, extremely professional, friendly and encouraged us to be part of the team. I’d sail on that

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tecla whale ice

17/11 Inspiration

Unforgettable Antarctica: Let Tecla Take You There

Sailing in Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. There is an awful lot of hyperbole around these days, but this is one thing which it is simply not possible to exaggerate.

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Ocean Sunrise with Classic Sailing

10/11 Inspiration

The Rhythm of the Sea

Life at sea has different rhythms to the land. There are more changes than you might think and they all add to a unique

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Sailing Holidays on the Eye of the Wind

06/10 Inspiration

A Taste of the Ocean: Bitesize Deep-Sea Voyages

An ocean crossing can seem a daunting prospect, not least because of the time commitment. However many ships in the Classic Sailing fleet offer

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refit Work on Oosterschelde

23/09 Darwin200 Around the World

Oosterschelde September 2022 Maintenance

. MAINTENANCE  Major job, After two previous restorations of a part of the hull, we decided to tackle the third part as well. This

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faroe islands with classic sailing

12/02 Inspiration

Preparing and getting ready for a big adventure.

Preparing for a long voyage. With so many exciting voyages and events to choose from, we hope you have found the inspiration you need

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Dawn at Sea

31/03 Ocean Passages

Seeing Dawn Break at Sea

Dawn at SeaDawn on a sailing ship out of sight of land is a very special experience.On land you may glimpse the dawn through

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Sailing Holidays on Tecla with Classic Sailing

31/12 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Tough is Sailing in Remote Waters?

Like all things in life, you get out what you put into an adventure, but sometimes you need to do your own risk assessment

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trade wind sailing on the Spanish Main

28/06 Ocean Passages

A Mini Ocean Voyage – Debbie’s Blog

  From Hurricane ravaged Virgins to the wild shores of Hispaniola An Oosterschelde Voyage Blog from Debbie Purser     Mini Ocean Cure –

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Sun set on Tecla

01/09 Climate Change

Time for a Change? Why Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Your Career Break or Gap Year

. When you’ve been doing the same old thing for a long time it’s beneficial – no, essential – to get a new perspective

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Current Voyages

Eye of the Wind

Baltic Sea Tall Ship Taster EYE25/16


Wed 21-05-2025

Kiel, Germany


Tue 27-05-2025

Eckernforde, Germany

sail on eye of the wind with classic sailing




Sail Row Explore - Tallulah provides the thrilling sailing and our rowing boat lets us explore ashore


Sat 19-04-2025

St Mawes, Cornwall


Tue 22-04-2025

St Mawes, Cornwall



The Boat Building Academy

Looking for a New Career? 40 Week Boat Building Course with City & Guilds professional trade qualification. Some bursaries available


Mon 17-02-2025

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis


Fri 05-12-2025

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis

Fitting the last plank on a boat building project