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March Sailing Ideas – Trans Atlantic West – East Crossings

Sailing on Oosterschelde with Classic Sailing adventure afloat - explore ashore on a classic sailing holiday

Where can I go sailing in March?

March is the time of year to sail back across the North Atlantic Ocean, using the Westerlies to give you carbon free travel between continents. If you are a keen sailor with a Trans Atlantic crossing as your next challenge then read on.

It is also exit time for ships still in Patagonia, as the Southern Hemisphere summer draws to a close. In March 2024 Oosterschelde is sailing around Tierra Del Fuego and up the Chilean Fjords on the Pacific side of South America. Concepcion, Valparaiso, Callao, Puerto Lucia and the wildlife highlights of the Galapagos and Easter Island.

For mere mortals trapped by their holiday leave options, then there are shorter blue water passages like Azores to Europe in the early spring.

If you are cash poor then you can always help with a boat refit, possibly in exchange for learning some practical skills and gaining some free sailing credits.

All voyages and courses in March 2024
ocean crossings on a 64ft wooden lugger - built new in 2012 for blue water sailing

Trans Atlantic Crossings as Tall ship Crew

Embark on an unforgettable Atlantic crossing aboard a square rigger or smaller sailing ship.

Eye of the Wind regularly sets sail from Bermuda to the Azores. The trans atlantic voyages on this photogenic red sailed brig with stun sails are often over subscribed so book early. Dive headfirst into the enriching complexities of oceanic sailing, from standing watch at all hours to basking in the boundless horizon. Encounter marine wildlife and enjoy the deep-rooted camaraderie that comes with life at sea, finally landing in the enchanting Azores where natural wonders beckon for your exploration.

Every couple of years tall ships like Tenacious or Oosterschelde go to the Caribbean for a winter season and have a big trip back – usually Caribbean – Azores – and on to their respective home ports of Southampton or Rotterdam.

If you want a real ‘sea gypsy’ life then sail on a three masted lugger with only 10 other guest crew and upto 6 professional crew. This is a real sailors choice and gives a real flavour of what it would be like to embark on a round the world adventure on a smaller vessel. Grayhound is 108ft overall but her deck length is only 64ft.

Ocean voyages in March 2024

Shorter Blue Water Passages – Azores to Europe

Start of UK Sailing Season – Refit Volunteers

Earn some free sailing. A days work in the boatyard for a day and nights free sailing in the early season seems a fair exchange for our refit volunteers. Some vessels will even pay for day workers if there is still a lot of work to complete before the season starts. You wont often find these opportunities advertised but if you have time available during weekdays then you can always ask. Occasionally some vessels like Tallulah or Pilgrim advertise working refit weekends.

Early season look for mates and volunteers training voyages too. A shakedown voyage is where we go out sailing and test everything still woks since all the sails, rigging and electronics have been put back on the boat! Its a good time to refresh on Man Overboard Drills and other emergency procedures and sail handling.

Tallulah mates training and early season

Boat Building Academy Courses in March – Sawdust & Storm Watching

Using hand woodwork tools likes planes and chisels keeps you warm and is better than any gym at toning muscles. I should know. I lost half a stone and gained biceps on the 40 week professional boat building course at Lyme Regis. You can get a taste of it in January with both 2 day and 5 day short courses at the Boat Building Academy.

At lunch time enjoy a hot chocolate from the Deli Welly café down in Lyme Regis harbour, or buy one of the warming lunches, hand made at the college by Wendy. The BBA is located on the seafront so you can watch the waves hitting the famous Cobb harbour wall. Who needs to go storm chasing?

Boat building short courses in March 2024


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