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15/03 Climate Change

High Seas Treaty

Roughly two thirds of the worlds oceans are classed as the “High Seas” – areas of open water not governed by a single country.

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14/02 Climate Change

Travel Around the World in the Footsteps of Charles Darwin

DARWIN200 Around the World Become part of DARWIN200 – a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders andengage millions

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17/11 Inspiration

Unforgettable Antarctica: Let Tecla Take You There

Sailing in Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. There is an awful lot of hyperbole around these days, but this is one thing which it is simply not possible to exaggerate.

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Sail on Tall Ship with Classic Sailing

25/10 Announcing New Voyages

Sail Scotland 2023

900 plus islands Depending how you define it there are between 800 and 900 islands in Scotland. Clearly you are only going to see

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Sailing holidays on Provident to St Kilda with Classic Sailing

07/09 Inspiration

St Kilda an Introduction

Provident Sails back in Time Originally settled by humans between four and five thousand years ago, St Kilda’s distance from the rest of the

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01/09 Announcing New Voyages

Provident’s New Adventure in Scotland

. A Fresh Start for Provident…a New Adventure for you As the country gears up for a new academic year, thoughts turn to the

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Sailing Holidays to the Isles of Scilly with Classic Sailing

18/05 Climate Change

The Isles of Scilly archipelago

Why sailing in the Isle of Scilly is such a special experience. Geological Overview Wildlife Overview Cultural Overview Sailing Overview Geological Overview A brief

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Darwin200 Leg 1 with Classic Sailing

20/04 Special Voyages

Sail to the Isles of Man

Need an adventure? Join the Darwin200 UK Voyage Leg 1 and sail to the beautiful Isle of Man!Positioned in the Irish Sea between the islands

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Sail Tallulah in Cornwall

12/02 Wildlife

Sailing to the Isles of Scilly

Yes! You Can go to the Isles of Scilly by sail. Our fleet of Classic Sailing vessels regularly choose the Isles of Scilly as

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Morgenster in the Canary Islands

17/07 No Experience required

Q&A with the Captain – Secrets of the Canary Islands

An Interview with the Captain of Morgenster Island Hopping Sailing Holidays in the Canary Islands Tall ship Morgenster has a selection of 6 night

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Turritopsis dohrnii (Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons Author : Bachware)

14/07 Wildlife

Will the immortal Jellyfish take over the Oceans?

Turritopsis dohrnii (Photo Credit : Wikimedia Commons Author : Bachware) Will the immortal jellyfish take over the Oceans? The Turritopsis Dohrnii Jellyfish is believed

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Viewing humpback whales from the deck of Europa

05/07 Wildlife

How to Spot and Identify Wildlife at Sea

FREE Guide for spotting whales dolphins, porpoise, albatross and loads more when at sea. Find out what you have been missing, it’s all there.

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27/02 No Experience required

Devon Marine Wildlife & Ashore

Sailing in Devon – What Wildlife might I see Devon and Cornwall have very similar wildlife and in marine terms the South coast is

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Island Hopping and Cargo Delivery in the Scillies GR110623


Sun 11-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall


Sat 17-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall




Cornish Cargo Run Penzance to Plymouth GR200623


Tue 20-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall


Fri 23-06-2023

Plymouth, UK




Cargo Run from Brittany to Penzance GR070623


Wed 07-06-2023

St Nazaire, Brittany


Fri 09-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall

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