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Sailing holidays to Rio de Janeiro with Classic Sailing

08/03 Darwin200 Around the World


Are you 18 to 25 years old? Or do you know any youths that would really like a Half Price VoyageOosterschelde Darwin200 VoyagesSailing in

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One Quick Question for today's Discount Codes.

04/03 No Experience required

Where can you sail in the Spring 2023

Let Classic Sailing tell you the when, how and where you can sail in the spring . We have been doing it for 27

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Active adventure sailing holidays with Classic Sailing

25/01 Featured Destination

Summer Sailing Holidays 2023

Summer Sailing Holidays 2023 All our summer sailing holidays in 2023 are ‘hands on’ sailing holidays. There is no need to have previous experience

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climb the rigging on tenacious

25/11 No Experience required

First Time? On your own? Not for Long!

There are so many reasons to get out on the water on a traditional sailing ship, and you’ll soon feel part of the team. No experience required to have the time of your life!

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Sail on Tall Ship with Classic Sailing

25/10 Announcing New Voyages

Sail Scotland 2023

900 plus islands Depending how you define it there are between 800 and 900 islands in Scotland. Clearly you are only going to see

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Tall Ships Race

02/10 Inspiration

Tall Ships Race, Magellan Elcano 500 Series

Wanted Volunteer Liaison Officers for Tall Ships Race 15-18 August 2023 Falmouth is hosting the start of the Magellan Elcano Tall Ships Race from

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Sailing holidays on Tall ship Tenacious

20/09 Inspiration

Bursaries to Sail on Tenacious

Tenacious is run by a charity which in itself is fortunate to be supported by various charitable trusts, foundations, individuals and organisations who provide

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15/09 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Seafarers of All Sorts: Bringing out your inner Mary Patten

I was once asked to do an interview in which I would have to espouse the struggles and achievements of my time as a

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Sailing Holidays on Provident with Classic Sailing

06/09 Inspiration


Couples take many holidays together ashore but are less likely to share a sailing holiday. It’s not surprising really, as a  sailing holiday is

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Sailing on Pilgrim with Classic Sailing

12/08 No Experience required

Day sailing in Devon

. Trips from £59 in Devon HALF DAY SAILING TRIPS IN DEVONSail from Brixham in the morning with tea or coffee and refreshments. Half

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Oosterschelde Sailing Holidays

26/07 Announcing New Voyages

Top 10 reasons for Sailing in the Cape Verde

. Great sailing between the Islands, about 100 miles apart,  Plus shorter day sails Trade winds and sensational blue water sailing Winter Sun and

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Sailintg and Exploring the Cape Verde

07/07 Announcing New Voyages

Back to the Cape Verde

. Over 300 miles off the West Coast of Africa the Cape Verde archipelago. It is a natural pit stop en-route from Europe to

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Sailing holidays with Classic Sailing

16/06 Inspiration

Zen Dogs

“He knows not where he’s going… for the Ocean will decide. It’s not the destination … it’s the glory of the ride.” Edward Monkton

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Current Voyages


Island Hopping and Cargo Delivery in the Scillies GR110623


Sun 11-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall


Sat 17-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall




Cornish Cargo Run Penzance to Plymouth GR200623


Tue 20-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall


Fri 23-06-2023

Plymouth, UK




Cargo Run from Brittany to Penzance GR070623


Wed 07-06-2023

St Nazaire, Brittany


Fri 09-06-2023

Penzance, Cornwall

new dawn traders loading boxes cargo