Darwin200 Around the World


Are you 18 to 25 years old?

Or do you know any youths that would really like a Half Price Voyage
Oosterschelde Darwin200 Voyages
Sailing in East and West South America.

Become part of DARWIN200, 

You can join this amazing adventure..

A planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders and engage millions of students worldwide in conservation projects.

Over 2023-2025, the beautiful tall ship Oosterschelde will re-sail the route of Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard HMS Beagle.

Here are some examples of Voyages with Youth Prices

Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo only €1125 for 8 days.

Fabulous coast and islands.

Sail from Montevideo to Buenos Aires for only €200

Cross the River Platte, its so wide you can’t see from one side to the other.


Concepcion in Southern Chile to the famous port of Valparaiso, only €400 for 3 nights.


Complete list
Leg 4: Fernando de Noronha – Salvador de Bahia | Full voyage fee €2250,-, Youth Price: €1125,-
Leg 5: Salvador de Bahia – Rio de Janeiro | Full voyage fee €2250,-, Youth Price: €1125,-
Leg 6: Rio de Janeiro – Montevideo | Full voyage fee €2880,-, Youth Price: €1440,-
Leg 7: Montevideo – Buenos Aires | Full voyage fee €400,- , Youth Price: €200,-
Leg 8: Buenos Aires – Puerto Santa Cruz | Full voyage fee €2520,-, Youth Price: €1260,-
Leg 9: Puerto Santa Cruz – Stanley | Full voyage fee €2250,- , Youth Price: €1125 –
Leg 12: Concepcion – Valparaiso | Full voyage fee €800,-, Youth Price: €400,-
Leg 13: Valparaiso – Callao | Full voyage fee €2000,-, Youth Price: €1000,-
Leg 14: Callao – Puerto Lucía | Full voyage fee €1500,-, Youth Price: €750,-

Please let any young people you know about these great opportunities.

Many Thanks Adam Purser

PS You don’t have to be 18-25 to join the Darwin200 voyages.

See All the Darwin200 voyages with the Youth and Adult prices.

All Darwin200 Voyages

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