Steering Your Experience with Skilled and Calm Skippers

friendly crew wave - Tall Ship Sailing on Morgenster with Classic Sailing

Hear the sea not shouty skippers.

At Classic Sailing, we believe the ocean waves should be the loudest voice you hear on your voyage, not the voice of your skipper. We’re here to tell you why our skippers’ calm and collected demeanour is one of the many reasons you should choose us for your next sailing adventure.

Clarity Over Chaos

In the challenging environments of the open sea, effective communication is paramount. Our skippers know this. They are skilled communicators who ensure each instruction is given with precision and received with understanding. They refrain from shouting, understanding that this can often lead to unnecessary panic and confusion. Instead, they prioritise clear, calm communication, ensuring the team works like a well-oiled machine, and your journey remains serene and enjoyable.

The Truth

The truth is that good sailing skippers do not resort to shouting, except in cases where it’s absolutely necessary, such as alerting crew members to potential danger or being heard over the wind. When they raise their voices, it’s never targeted at someone but rather for the benefit of the entire crew.

Empowering Through Education

We take pride in the fact that our skippers are not just leaders but teachers as well. They invest significant time in training you the crew, nurturing an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement. Should any task be performed less than perfectly, our skippers understand that the onus is on them. Instead of raising their voice, they raise the bar, going back to the drawing board to find more effective ways of training and enabling you as a  crew member to get the task done effectively.

Commanding Respect, Not Fear

Classic Sailing skippers command respect, not through loud, intimidating orders, but through demonstrating competence, fairness, and steadfast calm in the face of adversity. Their composed nature in even the most challenging circumstances serves as a reassurance to the crew and guests alike. Their unwavering authority is established not through a shout but through a whisper.

Safeguarding Your Adventure

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations. Our skippers know that shouting can lead to distraction and confusion, compromising the safety onboard. They maintain a composed demeanour, issuing clear and calm instructions, even when the seas get rough. This ensures the safety and comfort of everyone onboard, so you can focus on the exhilarating experience of sailing.

Leaders with High Emotional Intelligence

At Classic Sailing, we select skippers who exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence. They understand that the emotional state of the crew directly affects their performance and, therefore, your sailing experience. Instead of shouting, they foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere, leading to a motivated crew, smooth operations, and ultimately, a better sailing experience for you.

Ton Cunliffe has written a good book on the subject ‘200 SKIPPER’S TIPS‘ If you get to read it you will know what to look for in your skipper. Rest assured these are the qualities Classic Sailing encourages.

No ‘Shouty Skippers’ here.

Classic Sailing has always and will always continue to promote good skippering . We challenge the stereotype of the ‘shouty skipper’ with our calm, composed, and emotionally intelligent skippers who prioritise clear communication, effective training, and safety. We believe that sailing isn’t just about battling the winds and waves, but also about leading a team through respect, clear instructions, and emotionally intelligent leadership.

Choose Classic Sailing, and enjoy the power of the sea, the wind in your hair, and the leadership of skilled skippers who make your adventure memorable without ever needing to raise their voice. Let the seas do the roaring, while we focus on ensuring you have a classic, seamless, and enchanting sailing experience.

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