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#Resolute Expeditions 2024 – 2033

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Each year, for 10 years, the #Resolute Expedition will set sail aboard schooner ‘Linden’ for a 10,000 nautical mile voyage through the Arctic. The total voyage will take 4 months annually, and is split into 8 legs:

  • LONGYEARBYEN to PLYMOUTH: 22 days from Svalbard to Devon via Bear Island, mainland Norway, Shetland and London (£9,300 in 2024)
  • PLYMOUTH to REYKJAVIK: 12 days from Devon to Iceland via the Hebrides and Faroe Islands (£5,900 in 2024)
  • REYKJAVIK to NUUK: 11 days from Iceland to Greenland exploring the southern Greenland coast (£5,900 in 2024)
  • NUUK to NUUK: 32 day round trip from Greenland, crossing the Baffin Strait into Lancaster Sound and Resolute Bay, Canada (£13,800 in 2024)
  • NUUK to UPERNAVIK: 10 days along the west coast of Greenland via Disko Bay (£5,900 in 2024)
  • UPERNAVIK to NARSARSUAQ: 10 days of coastal exploration along the coast of Greenland (£5,900 in 2024)
  • NARSARSUAQ to REYKJAVIK: 9 days from Greenland to Iceland (£5,900 in 2024)
  • REYKJAVIK to PLYMOUTH: 15 days from Iceland to Devon, via the Faroe Islands and Hebrides. Return party in Plymouth! (£6,800 in 2024)
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A map of the route of the Resolute Expedition, part of the Ocean Warrior Project. Join the adventure through Classic Sailing

Aims of the #Resolute Expeditions

#Resolute aims to gather vital oceanographic scientific data about climate change and how the oceans, so critical to our planet, are faring. By repeating this expedition for 10 years, the data set amassed becomes a way to measure, benchmark, monitor and record change in a consistent way.

Led by renowned explorer Jim McNeill, there will also be scientists, naturalists and content creators on board for these voyages, as well as a number of citizen scientists. Those joining a leg of the expedition will be trained to sail and to contribute directly to the scientific endeavours.

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