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Arctic Ocean Citizen Science Expeditions: You can be Part of the Team

Part of Global Warrior

The Global Warrior Project, founded by renowned polar explorer and champion of citizen science Jim McNeill, is focused on training ordinary people to carry out extraordinary scientific research. Setting up repeating expeditions across five of the world’s most extreme environments, Global Warrior aims to gather critical scientific evidence on the changing health of the Earth.

The pilot Ice Warrior Project has, in the last two decades, trained over 450 novices to be modern-day polar explorers and conducted 7 major expeditions. Data gathered during these expeditions has been cited in publications across the globe, improved the understanding of sea ice physics and helped in the accurate calibration of satellites.

Global Warrior is putting a crucial finger on the pulse of our planet.

Jim McNeill


While the Desert, Mountain and Jungle Warrior Projects are still in development, we are incredibly excited to announce that Ocean Warrior is kicking off this year! Naturally this is the strand that got us at Classic Sailing the most hyped up, and now you have the chance to join the project yourself.

Ocean Warrior will collect data on weather, water, species, pollution, tipping points and populations. On board ship will be the professional sailing crew and a number of scientific researchers, experts and content creators. Plus, of course, a cohort of citizen scientists / voyage crew! Join a leg of Ocean Warrior and you will have the opportunity to get stuck in to the research, help sail the ship, and experience an expedition through some of the most beautiful and remote waters on Earth.

2023 : #Foundation Expeditions

In September 2023, Ocean Warrior’s first two 10-day expeditions explored the islands of Svalbard, high in the Arctic Circle. These trips were designed to push the limits of oceanographic scientific data collection and prepare the ship for expeditions in 2024 and beyond.


2024 to 2033 : #Resolute Expeditions

Four months of high-latitude sailing and data gathering per year for 10 years, starting in 2024. Repeating this expedition annually, the data set amassed becomes a way to measure, benchmark, monitor and record change in a consistent way.

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