Ocean Warrior’s Expedition ship Linden: Sustainable Expeditions in the High Arctic

One of the very last sailing ships to be built in Åland off the southwest coast of Finland, Linden was built with local pinewood from the archipelago and based on a near identical vessel launched in 1920.

Ocean Warrior’s Expedition ship Linden specialises in Arctic expedition sailing, and the crew know northern Scandinavia and Svalbard intimately, having operated here for many years.

Expect a perfect balance of traditional sailing with modern communication, navigation and scientific equipment, stunning polar landscapes and unparalleled Arctic biodiversity.

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Ship Stats

Length Overall

49.5 m

Year Built


Vessel Type / Rig

3-Masted Schooner

Guest Berths


Crew Berths




The Ålanders have always been proud of their maritime traditions. Shipping has historically been one of the principal industries of the Åland archipelago (an autonomous Swedish-speaking Finnish province between the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic).

In an effort to preserve more than just a memory of historic shipbuilding, a replica of the Galeas ‘Albanus’ was launched from Mariehamn in 1988. This was an entirely non-profit community enterprise. This project set on course a momentum for skill preservation, and the next replica was the Linden. She is a beautiful, well-built and seaworthy ship, her design chosen to be commercially self-sustaining in the modern age.

No drawings of the original Linden existed. The only reference material consisted of some photographs and a half-model of her hull lines. To say that the rebuild was a challenge is therefore putting it mildly! This is especially true given the new Linden also needed to comply to modern classification standards.

Built primarily of Åland pine, Linden’s masts and bowsprit are 110 year old Carelia larch, planted at the command of Tsar Alexander II specifically for use as masts. While her hull construction and 690 square-meter rig are of very traditional design, Linden has the most up to date engineering systems. These include holding tanks and efficient modern power supply to make her as environmentally friendly as possible.

Since her launch in 1993, Linden has specialised in sail training and scientific expeditions, especially in the polar regions of Northern Scandinavia and Greenland. She is now the official Expedition Ship for Ocean Warrior. Forming part of Global Warrior, this project aims to ‘take the pulse of the planet’ through extensive citizen science.

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What to Expect

What to Expect on Board Ocean Warrior’s Expedition ship Linden: an Expedition not a Holiday!

Ocean Warrior’s Expedition ship Linden is an expedition ship. As such you will get the full experience of life at sea, sailing as part of the crew. You’ll be involved in all operations on board, including any scientific data collection work. There will be good and bad weather, sailing round the clock, and being a real part of the team.

Expect a raw, unfiltered experience of sailing a traditional schooner North of the Arctic Circle. In such sailing areas, schedules are subject to change and routes are at the mercy of the wind and sea. You will get a taste of the power of the natural world, and will likely finish up with a sense of your own insignificance! It will be an astonishing, eye-opening and unforgettable experience.

During your time on board, you will be part of the crew, encouraged to help with all deck work, including:

– Hauling lines

– Steering the ship

– Helping to set and trim sails

– Helping to furl and reef sails

– Keeping lookout

– Standing night watch (a unique experience in such remote waters, untouched by light pollution)

– Learning some navigation skills

– Helping with anchoring and mooring operations

The crew will teach you everything you need to know to get fully involved. You don’t need specific prior sailing experience, but these are Expedition Voyages, so a desire to get stuck in, work together and take the rough with the smooth is paramount.

There will be times on deck which are busy, with lots to do and lots to learn. There will also be opportunities to sit back, relax, look out for wildlife, and bask in the phenomenal Arctic landscapes. Every day will be different, the only common feature is you’ll work up an appetite! Meals on board are fresh, delicious and plentiful, and whenever possible are eaten communally in Linden’s sociable saloon.

A happy side effect of an expedition voyage in potentially inhospitable waters is the effect it has on those aboard. You, your fellow guest sailors, the professional crew and the scientific researchers all form a single tight knit group incredibly quickly. You’ll make friends for life, having shared a real adventure together.

The crew of Linden pose in the sunshine. Join the ship for an arctic expedition voyage through Classic Sailing


Below Decks Accommodation on Ocean Warrior’s Expedition ship Linden

Solo travellers, couples and groups are all welcome. The accommodation on Linden is made up of six twin cabins for guest crew, all ensuite. There are separate cabins for the professional crew.

There is heating and lighting throughout, and separate space for any wet gear. You can therefore keep your bunk and the rest of your gear warm and dry. Essential when sailing in Polar regions!

The saloon is airy, bright and sociable- a fantastic place to hang out when off watch. There’s a well stocked library and bar on board. Please note that alcoholic drinks are not included in the voyage price but may be purchased on board. Consumption of alcohol is always at the discretion of the Skipper, and never permitted when on watch.



crew profiles to follow

Crew on Linden furl sails on the bowsprit, with a glacier in the background. Join the ship for an arctic expedition to svalbard through Classic Sailing.

Voyages on Linden


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Fri 24-10-2025

Plymouth, UK




#Resolute Expedition 7: Cross the Denmark Strait to Iceland OW011025


Wed 01-10-2025

Narsarsuaq, Greenland


Thu 09-10-2025

Reykjavik, Iceland




#Resolute Expedition 6: Greenland's Arctic Shores OW210925


Sun 21-09-2025

Upernavik, Greenland


Tue 30-09-2025

Narsarsuaq, Greenland

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