Preparing and using your phone when beyond wifi and cellular coverage.

When sailing in areas with no Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, utilising airplane mode can have its advantages and disadvantages. While it disconnects you from cellular services, it also extends your device’s battery life. However, with some preparation and by leveraging the available offline features, you can make the most of your phone during the sailing experience.

Disadvantages of Airplane Mode for Sailing:

The most apparent drawback of airplane mode is the disconnection from cellular services. Once activated, all cellular activity, including voice calls, SMS, and mobile data, is halted. This means no making or receiving calls, sending or receiving SMS, or accessing the internet via mobile data.
Emails will also be inaccessible.

No social media interaction, though you my be able to post blogs – see below.
However, it’s important to note that all Classic Sailing vessels are legally required to have emergency communication channels to the shore.

Voyages over 15 days.

Preparation for Sailing in Airplane Mode:

Before switching to airplane mode for your sailing trip, consider the following steps:

Answerphone Message: Leave a message on your voicemail with alternative contact information, without specifying when you’ll be back online to avoid potential security risks.

Email Auto Responder: Set up an automatic out-of-office response for your emails, providing alternative emergency contact details without mentioning your return date.

Storage: Assess your device’s memory and delete unnecessary files or apps. Consider using additional storage options such as Bluetooth-enabled external phone storage devices.

Chargers: Ensure you have the correct cables, socket adapters if necessary, and an external battery pack for extended battery life.

Waterproofing: At sea the rain and spray can be very penetrating, sometimes it surprises you by rushing up on you from below the belt. Purchasing a waterproof phone case should protect your phone. There are waterproofs cases for use while swimming but check the waterproofing with an empty case first!

Waterproof phone cases for swimming

Tethering: Our ‘hands on sailing’ is active and you may wish to do some photography or videoing in unusual places. Putting it in our pocket and going out on the bowsprit or aloft is not recommended. Get a waterproof case you can attach to your body.

Waterproof phone cases with lanyards.

General Protection and identification: Phone cases help protect your phone from scratches and accidental drops. When half a dozen phones are left charging in one spot having a distinctive cover can help you identify your own quickly. I also put coloured insulation tape on my sockets and cables for identification.

Activities to Enjoy in Airplane Mode during Sailing:

Watch TV Shows and Movies: Download videos from streaming platforms like Netflix onto your device before setting sail to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Streamline Contacts and Messages: Take the opportunity to declutter your phone by deleting unnecessary contacts and conversations. Use the blocking feature to enhance security and organisation.

Take photos and videos.

Organise Photos and Videos: Sort through your photo albums and delete redundant or unappealing media to make space for new memories.

Immerse in Music: Download offline music to fully appreciate the auditory experience while sailing.

Compose your own Music: Use an app with an offline facility to write your own musical score.

Learn a Language: Utilise language learning apps with offline course options to study important phrases during your sailing trip.

Catch Up on Content: Download relevant TV shows, movies, and content to immerse yourself in the sailing experience.

Maps and Charts: Download offline maps and charts for navigation purposes while sailing.

Remove Unused Apps: Regularly delete apps you no longer use to enhance device security and optimise storage.

Enjoy Offline Games:

Read eBooks: Use electronic book platforms to read uninterrupted, offline books and novels. Don’t forget to download first.

Write and Calculate: Use you offline text editors and spreadsheet apps for writing your blog, life story or novel, or performing calculations.

Blogs. You may be able to send your blog via the ships communications systems, many of them love you to do this but they may charge for this.

AirPods and Airplane Mode Compatibility: Bluetooth devices like AirPods can be used while in airplane mode as they have short-range antennas that do not interfere with ground communications or aircraft systems.

Incorporating Airplane Mode in Everyday Life:
While primarily designed for air travel, airplane mode can also be useful in daily life to regain control over time, focus, and energy. Additionally, features like “do not disturb” and “focus mode” offered by tech manufacturers provide similar benefits.

Upon reconnecting after sailing:

First Updates
Check you have a strong connection and good battery strength or power connection as you are likely to need to update your phone’s operating software and many of your apps

Two Comms
Once you disable airplane mode and regain network connectivity, your device may receive a message from your service provider informing you of missed calls and their details.

Three, wish you were back at sea!

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