Midge Free Scotland

Midges don’t go to sea.

Fear not the midges, brave sailor, when you set forth to explore Scotland by sail! Let me allay your worries and share some wisdom about these nasty nuisances..

The Highland midge, or Scottish midge, is the most common species you’ll encounter, properly known as culicoides impunctatus. They love the damp and boggy Highlands, where they lay their eggs in moist soil and vegetation. But do not worry, the sea is not their favoured breeding ground!

Ahoy, midge haters! These little pests are not a concern when you embark on your seafaring adventure, you’ll be leaving the midges behind on land.

This is why.
Now, let me tell you about their courtship dance. Male midges gather in grand swarms to woo the fair females, seeking mates for the journey of life. The ladies, in turn, may give a nip to obtain a blood meal for their eggs, while the gentlemen enjoy a sip of sweet nectar.

As the sun sets and twilight reigns, the midges come alive, most active during dawn and dusk. They prefer the cool, humid air for their romantic rendezvous. So, expl;ore ashore during the day, and when the evening approaches retreat to your vessel to avoid the midge’s embrace.

The peak of their season spans from late spring to early autumn, with June and July being their most bothersome months. May and September offer a lower midge activity.

Though their populations may vary with the weather and location, fret not! For there are remedies to keep them at bay. Use insect repellents and protective gear if you wish to explore the lands, or simply board your ship and let the salty sea breeze protect you.

Remember, midges play a role in the grand tapestry of the ecosystem, despite their irksome ways.

Check the Midge Forecast to see what you are avoiding by being on a sailing boat.

And should you find yourself with a souvenir of a midge bite cold water or ice will soothe your skin and bring relief.

So, with knowledge in your heart and wind in your sails, set forth to embrace Scotland’s wonders in the summertime. Let the evening sea breeze be your ally, and the midges shall trouble you no more. Enjoy the grand voyage, and may your sails carry you to unforgettable horizons!

Enjoy exploring Scotland in the summer and avoid the midges by being at sea in the evening.

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