Sailing and finding inner stillness.

Two concepts 

Finding Inner Stillness at sea

Discovering remote places of extraordinary tranquillity.

Skara Brae Orkney

Part 1 Inner Stillness at sea.

The reasons I speak.

I’m a sailor, a digital marketeer, a yoga enthusiast, a gig boat rower, runner, all year round wild swimmer, sea lover and encourager of all to sail.

Hidden in the social mix.

The sea is never still but that is not a distraction when you want some quiet time of your own on a sailing trip. On our sailing holidays there is a big emphasis on being part of a group but we also recognise when an individual wants to find a place of contemplation and we respect their privacy. 

Some of the common spots for chilling and just being are:

Safely secure on the bowsprit and watching the stem, bows, of the ship ploughing powerfully through the waves with a tower of canvas above you straining to make the ship go faster.

Leaning over the bows and looking into the waves beneath you. 

Up aloft, strapped on and comfortable with the whole ocean spread out around you. 

Watching the wake from the stern of the ship. 

All these places, and others you can find for yourself let you just be, allowing your inner stillness to grow and fill you with calm and wellbeing.

Out on the bowsprit hangout

It was days at sea 8

There were onboard 8

Astern and below good company

Close hauled living,

There’s no escape. Except

Out on the bowsprit hang out.

8 ways to wonder

8 days to dream

8 ways to simple days

8 days learning others ways

What of you?

Your odd ways,

Can you be just yourself

No part to play

No pretence

No alpha urges

Just a wimp

In disguise

Out on the bowsprit hangout.

We’re your left alone

To question

big universe

tiny soul.

To be what

Who cares

Let it all hangout

Out on the bowsprit hangout.

The tranquillity of unspoilt destinations

When I think about the tranquillity of destinations, my mind immediately drifts to the joy of sailing and the remarkable feeling of accomplishment that accompanies arriving at a new place knowing you have helped in getting there.. There’s something truly special about venturing to remote locations with extraordinary features. These hidden gems offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in moments of profound awe, deep reflection, and a chance to let go of the burdens of everyday life.

Once you leave behind all those worries that weigh you down onshore, you find yourself in a realm of tranquillity and magnificence. It’s in these places that your inner self begins to expand, and a sense of joy fills your entire being. So, what are the places that calm your soul and bring you this undeniable peace?

For me, it’s the mesmerising sight of Gannets gracefully diving into the sparkling waters, and the fascinating spectacle of Fulmars attempting to land on their precarious nest sites, their persistence evident in the countless tries before they finally find their place. It’s watching the sun bidding farewell as it paints the sky with hues of flaming orange, casting its vibrant reflection upon the vast sea.

The sight of glaciers majestically calving into the glistening ocean also has a profound effect on my soul. Witnessing nature’s grandeur in such a raw and untamed form reminds me of the immense power and beauty that exist beyond human reach. And there’s nothing quite like discovering an unspoiled tropical beach, free from the noisy intrusion of jet skis and tourist boats. These untouched shores provide a sanctuary of tranquillity, where the sound of crashing waves becomes a symphony that soothes the soul.

Imagine standing on a rugged headland, overlooking miles of irregular coastline and witnessing the occasional ship gracefully passing by on the open sea. The vastness of the ocean, stretching as far as the eye can see, instils a sense of serenity and reminds us of our place in the grand tapestry of life.

Churches are designed to give you peace to reflect, you may not be religious but in a remote place you can wonder at how they were created and what needs they satisfied. The church at Cameret near Brest is like being inside a huge upturned boat and you can feel the connection to the sea the moment you walk in the door. Further south all the way to South Georgia the wooden Norwegian Anglican church at Grytviken must have offered a haven from the fishing and processing of whales.

So, set sail, explore, go further off the beaten trail and seek out these havens of tranquillity. Let them nourish your spirit, expand your horizons, and remind you of the profound beauty that exists in our world.

Go hang out.


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