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Tallulah – What does her new interior look like

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Interior Photos of Charter Boats -Tallulah

Ok, I confess. Ironing duvet covers is not my forte. I wanted to show you what Tallulah is like to live aboard, now she is a charter boat. (How do you climb over a double bunk to take a photo, without crumpling the sheets! Oh for a photographers assistant.)

There is the manicured ’boutique hotel’ image of a boats interior and then there is the happy mess of 6 people on holiday in a small space, trying to decide what to wear. Every skipper and mate aspires to try and keep a homely ship during a charter voyage, but it helps if ‘below decks’ has that magic combination of beauty, light, warm, dry and a good berth space to call your own.

So what does Tallulah look like now she is a working charter boat?

Adding extra bunks without the squash

Tallulah is new to charter this year and needed an extra 3 bunks created in what was a private yacht. What I have tried to do is avoid turning the former owners master cabin up forward into a mutinous 4 bunk fo’castle, so I looked elsewhere to create new bunks. My design aim was to:

Keep starboard side of the saloon free from any bunks so Tallulah keeps the seating, stove and bookshelves free of clutter. On the port side is a pilot berth tucked away and a settee berth that can easily be cleared in daytime.

Created 2 new bunks in the massive sail locker area in the middle of the boat. These are over 7ft long and staggered. You can sit up and read in the bottom bunk and the top bunk is wide with natural daylight. Both have good ventilation at anchor from forehatch. The sail locker is not really lost. Jibs, topsail and staysail are best being used to go sailing, but there is still space below to stow the extras, like storm jibs.

The lovely double berth remains in the forecabin, with natural light from a prism, enough headroom for both to sit up in bed and reading lights. There is a forward vent for fresh air and plenty of bag stowage that can be reached whilst in bed. The floor space remains the same, and a new bulkhead retains the privacy of this cabin.

Further Cabin improvements for 2023

  • Phone charging socket in fwd cabins
  • Step/seat in double cabin floorspace to get into bunk easier
  • make the settee berth in saloon wider
  • Under bunk storage and locker for mid bunks

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Middle bunks beyond the saloon

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