Bringing in the New Year

Splice the Mainbrace to Celebrate the New Year

To “splice the mainbrace” is an old nautical expression for starting to celebrate any relevant event, in this instance the New Year. 

Fast forward into 2023

We are back in control, well we are compared to the political turmoil of 2022, utopia is not ahead but we can look at celebrating some great sailing holidays.

We all need something to look forward to.

What voyage will you splice the mainbrace on in 2023?

Polar adventure sailing.

Polar sailing is a bucket-list dream for a lot of us! If you needed any more persuading on the wonders of exploring in cold climates, you can read more about Tecla’s Antarctic voyages.

Serious expedition voyages in potentially tough conditions are necessarily a bit more pricey though. Sailing in Scotland, however, can be more achievable, and Scotland offers some of the most beautiful sailing grounds in the world (have a look at our wide range of Scottish trips

Sailing and multi activities

Lots of the ships in the fleet offer multi activity holidays, including wild swimming, yoga and hiking ashore. With highly qualified guides and tutors as part of the crew, these trips make for fantastically varied and healthy adventures.

Sailing holidays with Purpose

Sailing on Grayhound as she carries cargo across the English Channel is a great way to touch base with the movement for low carbon and ethical transport. We are seeing an increasing interest in sustainable sailing for people and goods. Grayhound Voyages


The fjords of Norway and the skerries of Sweden are breathtakingly beautiful. Explore our Scandinavian voyages. But if a blast across the North Sea isn’t possible, you can enjoy some equally epic sailing along rugged coastlines in Scotland or the West Country


There are some amazing voyages in Scotland in 2023. Sail from near Glasgow to Lerwick in the Shetlands. Day sail from Greenock and explore the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetlands. Many trips on the west coast sail from Oban or Mallaig, both of which have good public transport links.

Sailing voyages in Scotland

Sailing in the Caribbean

As far as island hopping in the sun goes, Caribbean sailing is some of the best in the world: warm seas, sunshine and a reliable sailing breeze- what could be better?! If the other side of the Atlantic feels too far to travel, though, you can also achieve that feeling of paradise exploring the Canaries or Cape Verde Islands, or even the Isles of Scilly!

Sail to the Isles of Scilly

The Scilly Isles are a stunning place to sail, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that if conditions allow, many of our Cornish Explorer voyages end up on the islands too! The best way to voyage is to make the most of the weather at the time, rather than forcing the ship to a particular destination. There’s so much to explore along the coast of Cornwall, and the Islands are a treat and a bonus if the wind gods are on your side! Explore all of our voyages to the Scillies.

Sailing in Cape Verde and other East Atlantic Islands

Sailing among the archipelagos of the Eastern Atlantic is amongst the best warm weather sailing you can get, with great wildlife spotting, trade wind sailing, mini ocean passages between islands and lots to explore. You can check out our voyages here:

Cape VerdeCanary Islands.     Madeira.     Azores

The Baltic

Eye of the Wind is our Baltic expert, with a fantastic Baltic season of tasters and longer voyages. You can sail between Germany, Denmark and Sweden in a day in these waters!

The Pacific Ocean

Sailing in the Pacific is top of many sailors’ wish-lists. You can explore our full range of Pacific voyages, including trips to Easter Island and Tahititi, as well as voyages heading further North, up the West Coast of the Americas to Alaska.

Ocean Voyages

There are ocean voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific with island stops and starts. They do take time to organise due to the distance you need to travel to join in and the length of the voyage itself.

Planning ahead is essential but this also gives you a chance to plan your free time and encourage people to help you achieve this ambition.

Ocean Voyages

Family Voyages

Pilgrim in the UK is well suited for sailing with families. She is ideal for a day sail or  a short break. Many of the other vessels in the fleet also take accompanied children: check the vessel pages for details, and if you’re not sure about a trip’s suitability for your family, feel free to ask.

Pilgrim Voyages

Solo Sailors

The majority of people sail on their own. Many voyages do not have single supplements.

Check out this article Solo Travellers are Welcome

Exploration Ashore

While big ocean passages are all very well, it’s also incredibly appealing to sail along a beautiful coastline, stopping off for beach bonfires, walks, local history and culture. The joy of sailing is that you rock up at some places completely off the beaten track, and see a side to the country that would be very difficult from the land. Find your next slice of beautiful coastal exploration.

Value for Money

Cost is always a major consideration, and ticket prices can be daunting, but as all Classic Sailing Holidays include your accommodation and all your food on board, they’re brilliant value for the experience of a lifetime. Read more about why sailing holidays are good value.

A Special Time

Finding the time can be a problem, but we do have day sails for that quick trad-sailing fix, and plenty of shorter voyages which can fit into the busiest schedule. 

The time you spend sailing has been proven scientifically to benefit your health. 

Levels of Experience

While some voyages are listed as being ideal for experienced sailors, the vast majority of trips are suitable for everyone. The sailing crew love to teach, and working as part of a team you’ll be amazed how quickly you learn the ropes! If you’re at all anxious about your lack of experience, read our article about what to expect your first time on board.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 -2024 at sea, a proper place to splice the main brace.

416 Voyages is a lot to choose from. 

Use our Search Bar to refine your search. (At the top of the page)

Have a wonderful New Year, splice the Mainbrace and enjoy lots of great sailing holidays in 2023

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