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Single and Solo Travellers are Welcome

The majority of people on Classic Sailing holidays are single or solo travellers and there are no additional charges. We have many women travelling on their own to join our sailing holidays.

The simplicity of a sailing adventure is that it is a sociable choice for those who want to meet new people for an experience where it is totally natural to live and work together.

No Single Supplement when sharing.

Shared cabins are always the same gender and there is then no extra charge for travelling on your own. Where the sleeping space is more communal there may be mixed genders. Because it is communal there is the security of mutual company.

Shared accommodation

Traditional sailing vessels are not spacious and the majority of accommodation is in shared accommodation cabins of four or more people.

Some vessels have two-berth cabins which are normally reserved for two people travelling together and are more expensive than larger shared cabins.

Single Cabins

Due to space restrictions on traditional sailing vessels, single cabins are extremely limited. Mascotte is the only vessel we have that offers a single cabin.

There are two berth cabins and these can be made available for single occupancy but there is normally a supplement which varies from 50% to 100% extra of the one person price.

As you can imagine it has been an extremely difficult time for traditional sailing vessels that have lost the bigger part of two sailing seasons.

If there is a voyage you are keen to sail on and have a single occupancy of a cabin please get in touch and we can find out the current situation for you?

Making Solo Economical

Most of our sailors travel as single or solo travellers and shared accommodation is both more economical and secure. Shared cabins are always the same gender.


The safety of sharing a cabin of four or more people is the security it offers.

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