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Flights for Voyages

We are not experts on flights, keeping up with ships all round the world is quite enough.

BUT for the BEST source of advice we can help you.

We have used, repeatedly and recommended consistently one company.


Tel: UK 020 7962 9933 and US 1 800 353 1451

You get to talk to a person, they provide you with an email quotation you can check out online for yourself.

They provide good choices for hotels.

See also this Article Getting to and from your Voyage

Please do not book any flights or accommodation before your voyage has been confirmed. This is normally when you have paid the voyage fee or the deposit

Before you go – Carbon Negative

Using less carbon than normal.

Sailing is a very low user of carbon energy. Generally speaking the larger the vessel the more requirements they have for electronic navigation and safety equipment, food preservation and preparation, hygiene and maintenance tools.  If you allocate this usage to the number of people onboard you will find it a tiny amount and less than your normal carbon usage ashore. So, whilst sailing you are probably reducing your carbon footprint.

Using more carbon when getting to and from your voyage.

To get to your ship and back may involve flights and for this in particular we would request you make a carbon offset allowance.

Did you know night flights create slightly less pollution than daylight flights.

Carbon Negative

To be honest if you can afford a big sailing holiday you should be able to afford making yourself carbon negative.

Acting on the advice for carbon offsetting and knowing your own circumstances could give you the opportunity to make your sailing holiday carbon negative.

A holiday in nature that helps nature, that is a great ambition.

Carbon offsetting

Classic Sailing uses Tree Sisters and has donated hundreds of £’s

The Consumers organisation Which has a very good article from October 2020

Carbon offsetting: How to reduce the impact of flying

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