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Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

20/01 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Seasick?

The prospect of feeling nauseous on board ship puts a lot of people off sailing. Famous cases don’t help matters. Darwin called his mal-de-mer

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Sailing holidays on Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

06/01 Featured Ship

Eye of the Wind: a Brig with Tales to Tell

This beautiful ship has, like many traditional sailing vessels, had numerous different roles in her 112 years, and her history is fascinating.

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Sailing holidays on Tenacious with Classic Sailing Tall Ships photo by Max Mudie at

21/12 Inspiration

Top 10 Voyages for…Running Away to Sea

The festive season is a wonderful time of the year, but somehow it can also instil a desire to escape, get out of the

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Sailing holidays on Pilgrim with Classic Sailing

20/12 Featured Ship

Pilgrim: Heritage Sailing on the English Riviera

Meet the Ship Pilgrim, with her distinctive red sails and old fishing number BM45, is one of the oldest National Historic Ships still sailing.

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Tecla sailing through icy waters on a Classic Sailing adventure holiday. The nameplate of the ship with the green capping rail can be seen in the bright light as the ship slowly noses through the ice,

15/12 Cold Climate Sailing

Sailing the Northwest Passage

Where is the Northwest Passage? The Northwest Passage is the sea route stretching through the Arctic Ocean, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific along the

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climb the rigging on tenacious

25/11 No Experience required

First Time? On your own? Not for Long!

There are so many reasons to get out on the water on a traditional sailing ship, and you’ll soon feel part of the team. No experience required to have the time of your life!

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tecla whale ice

17/11 Inspiration

Unforgettable Antarctica: Let Tecla Take You There

Sailing in Antarctica is like nothing else you’ll ever experience. There is an awful lot of hyperbole around these days, but this is one thing which it is simply not possible to exaggerate.

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11/11 Book Reviews

The Bosun’s Books

You may well be aware of the importance of a Bosun’s Locker on a ship; that vital cupboard / bucket / cabin / ditty

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Sailing holidays on Grayhound

21/10 Climate Change

Cargo by Sail: Ideology and Practicality

. On the weekend of the 14th October, Classic Sailing attended a conference of the burgeoning Sail Cargo Alliance, held in windswept West Cornwall.

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Pair of guillimots in flight

20/10 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling to the Ship: to Fly or not to Fly?

You’ve found your ideal sailing adventure and had your booking confirmed. Now it’s time to arrange travel to and from your voyage. Where to

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Sailing Holidays on the Eye of the Wind

06/10 Inspiration

A Taste of the Ocean: Bitesize Deep-Sea Voyages

An ocean crossing can seem a daunting prospect, not least because of the time commitment. However many ships in the Classic Sailing fleet offer

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05/10 Climate Change

Your Inner Smuggler on Grayhound

One of the most iconic ships around, the three-masted lugger Grayhound has just announced the first of her 2023 voyages and we can’t wait!

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Sailing on Anny of Charlestown with Classic Sailing

22/09 Inspiration

Sea, Songs and Sailing

Join some of the superstars of the UK folk scene as they set sail along the south coast of Cornwall. Anny of Charlestown is

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Autumn blasts under sail, wildlife and waterside pubs


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St Mawes, Cornwall


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St Mawes, Cornwall

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Transatlantic Crossing on Grayhound! - GR201224


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Las Palmas, Gran Canaria


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Sail to Sunnier Climes this Winter! - GR031224


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Portimão, Portugal


Mon 16-12-2024

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Grayhound with Classic Sailing