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Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expedition Leg 6: Upernavik to Narsarsuaq

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Sat 21-09-2024, 13:00Upernavik, Greenland Mon 30-09-2024, 13:00Narsarsuaq, Greenland Linden 9 NightsOW210924

9 nights aboard Arctic expert Linden, sailing down the coast of Greenland from the picturesque fishing town of Upernavik, via spectacular Disko Bay, to the settlement of Narsarsuaq, nestled in a maze of fjords and glaciers. This expedition will be led by renowned polar explorer Jim McNeill. Together with the other 81 voyages of the Ocean Warrior Project, the focus will be on gathering critical scientific evidence on the changing health of our planet.

Please note: you can either self-fund your expedition, or aim to fundraise / secure sponsorship to cover your place. Should you wish to fundraise, the Ocean Warrior team will support you in this process. Either way, please complete the application form by following the ‘Next Steps’ button above. The Application Form does not require payment.

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Spectacular and varied landscapes.

See the awe inspiring icebergs of Disko Bay.

Observe the Ilulissat Icefjord, one of the world’s most active glaciers.

Chance to bask in the Aurora Borealis

Form a tight-knit team with the professional sailing crew, scientists, researches and content creators on board ship with you.

Learn the ropes aboard a stunning three-masted schooner.

Sail over 900 nautical miles, conducting citizen science en route.

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Vessel type / Rig 3-Masted Schooner
Guest Berths 12
Beam 8.8 m
Draft 3.1 m
Overall Length 49.5 m
Year Built 1993
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Voyage Description

Happy crew member on the bowsprit of Linden, sailing on an expedition to Svalbard with Classic Sailing

Be a Part of the #Resolute Expedition

You’ll join expedition ship ‘Linden’ in Upernavik, a uniquely colourful fishing town nestled amongst islands, fjords and mountains. Before departure you’ll be fully familiarised with the ship, including undergoing safety training and drills, as well as settling in to life on board and getting to know the rest of the crew. You will also be given full details of the scientific work that will be undertaken on this leg, and how you will contribute towards it.

There are a lot of sea miles to cover during your 10 days on board, and so the itinerary will be necessarily dictated by the weather. The crew of Linden will keep you updated with the latest forecasts and voyage plans.

Read more about the Ocean Warrior Project

Ocean Warrior Project Fact Sheet


Setting sail, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. It’s an excellent time of year for bird-watching, as many species begin their southerly migration. You could also see humpback and minke whales, as well as seals and polar bears.

Your course takes you down the coast of Greenland, past Disko Bay with its massive icebergs and Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, to the southerly tip of the country. As Autumn is now drawing in and the days are getting shorter, be prepared for cold conditions, especially on night watches. The trade off for the shorter days is the chance to see the vivid colours of the Aurora Borealis which, viewed from the deck of a ship quietly slipping through the darkness, is breathtaking.

Your final destination is the small settlement of Narsarsuaq, surrounded by natural splendour. The nearby Narsarsuaq Glacier and Tunulliarkfik Fjord ofter spectacular views, and in late September the colours will be vibrantly autumnal.


You’ll be passage-making down the coast of Greenland, and the weather can be unpredictable. September is the start of the Arctic Autumn, and temperatures, while at -1°C to 10°C, can feel much colder with the wind. Wind speeds and direction fluctuate at this time of year, and the sea state can become quite choppy. You’ll be navigating through potentially icy waters in sometimes dense fog. Expect a real mix of conditions. This is part of the adventure! 


The Ocean Warrior voyages are real expeditions, not adventure holidays. These trips will be fascinating, educational and inspiring but something they won’t be is relaxing! You’ll be learning to sail the ship with the professional crew, forming part of a navigational watch, joining in with data collection and citizen science projects and generally being a core member of the team during your time on board.

Read the Ocean Warrior Expedition FAQs
A map of the route of the Resolute Expedition, part of the Ocean Warrior Project. Join the adventure through Classic Sailing

Start & End Port

Upernavik, Greenland


In an archipelago filled with small islands, fjords and mountains, the small, colourful fishing town of Upernavik is nestled on a steep hillside. If you have time, try and secure a bed at the Upernavik Guesthouse to give yourself the chance to explore. Here is a brief guide to some of the highlights of Upernavik:

1. Upernavik Museum: A fascinating open-air museum which offers insight into the history of Greenland and the Inuit.

2. Upernavik Art Museum: Holding the world’s most northern collection of Greenlandic art, the museum is a window into local culture and history.

3.  Northern Lights: If conditions are right, Upernavik is a spectacular place to view the Aurora Borealis. You may have seen it during your voyage, but with helming, keeping lookout and helping with the running of the ship, you may not have had time to just sit back and bask in it.

Remember to dress warmly and bring appropriate outdoor gear, as the weather in Greenland can be cold and unpredictable.

Getting to and from Upernavik

All flights to and from Upernavik require a change at either Nuuk or Illulissat via Air Greenland. You may then also require a second domestic flight to Kangerlussuaq, the only airport in Greenland with flights to Europe.

Please note that flight schedules and routes can change, so it is essential to check with airlines or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information before planning your journey to Nuuk.

Narsarsuaq, Greenland


Narsarsuaq is a small settlement in the Kujalleq municipality of southern Greenland, set in a ruggedly beautiful landscape. If you can, spend a day or two here before or after your voyage and do some hiking. There are many trails from the town leading through stunning valleys and offering views over the Tunulliarfik Fjord and Narsarsuaq Glacier.

There are a couple of accommodation options in the town, including the Guesthouse Narsarsuaq, a cheap and cheerful option which will likely be full of fellow travellers.

Remember to dress warmly and bring appropriate outdoor gear, as the weather in Greenland can be cold and unpredictable.


Getting to Narsarsuaq

1. UK and Europe: You will typically need to fly from Denmark to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland, and then on to Narsarsuaq. Copenhagen has good air connections to the UK and the rest of Europe. Another option is to get a flight from Keflavik, Iceland via Nuuk.

3. USA: From the USA, you may need to fly to Iceland first, then join an Air Greenland flight to Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. From here you can get a domestic connection to Narsarsuaq.

Please note that flight schedules and routes can change, so it is essential to check with airlines or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information before planning your journey to Nuuk.

Kit List

What to pack for an Ocean Warrior Expedition aboard Linden

What is Included:

    • Three meals per day on board
    • All safety equipment, including lifejackets
    • Your bunk, a towel and warm bedding
    • An Ocean Warrior branded Henri Lloyd offshore sailing jacket, yours to keep (worth £750)

    What is Not Included:

    • Travel to and from your voyage, including any accommodation ashore
    • Alcohol. There is a bar on board where drinks and snacks can be purchased. Note that consumption of alcohol is at the strict discretion of the Skipper and is never permitted when watch-keeping.

    What to Bring

    Ocean Warrior branded kit, including Henri Lloyd sailing waterproofs, is available to participants with a 20% discount through Global Warrior Expedition Basecamp. Contact them to discuss what you need. We'd highly recommend talking to Basecamp to make sure you've got everything to keep you safe, warm and dry during your time on board.

    • Waterproofs: you will need good wind and water-proof trousers and a jacket. High-chest sailing salopettes are ideal. You will be provided with an offshore sailing jacket.
    • Warm waterproof boots with good grip (for deck and ashore). Bring a second set, so you'll have something warm and dry if one pair gets wet.
    • A warm hat (ear flaps are a bonus!), mittens or gloves (waterproof if possible) and a warm tubular snood for round your neck (these are better than a long scarf which can get whipped away in the wind and caught in the lines).
    • At least two sets of warm clothes - think in layers: For the torso- a warm baselayer (natural wool is great), a mid layer and a warm wool or fleece jumper. For the legs- thermal underwear (silk or wool are both great), a mid layer of leggings or trousers and then your wind and waterproof outer layer.
    • Several pairs of thick warm socks, plus some slimmer socks so you can double-layer these too.
    • A small waterproof rucksack for taking ashore with you.
    • Sunglasses and spectacles. We highly recommend a cord / neck strap for your glasses.
    • A pair of decent binoculars: having your own pair means you won't miss any wildlife spotting opportunities!
    • Moisturiser with SPF, including lip balm. Your skin can dry out quickly in cold air, and the sun is surprisingly strong, especially when reflecting from the sea, ice and snow.
    • Any medication, including seasickness tablets or pressure-point wristbands (talk to your pharmacist and see our article on seasickness)
    • Your own logbook and / or journal for keeping track of your adventures.
    • Your camera and other electronics, including chargers and good waterproof cases. Sockets on board are European. Make sure any valuable devices are covered by your travel insurance.

    N.B. Please don't use a rigid suitcase or a bag with a rigid frame. Soft bags are much easier to fold up and stow. Also don't bring any expensive jewellery or other valuables, unless you have specific insurance to cover it.


    The Oceans have been my life since I was a teenager. I love the awesome beauty, the serenity, the frenetic chaos and the overwhelming power. To think that we as humans have taken advantage of and abused our oceans to the point of serious damage is horrifying. Which is why I was honoured when Jim and Sam asked me to be Patron of their critically important project.

    Over the next 11 years, Ocean Warrior will train ordinary people from all walks of life and many nations to benchmark, measure and monitor - 'ground-truth' - exactly what is happening for our partner scientific organisations.

    What's more, they will do this by the power of the wind, teaching the participants to sail in the process. This by anyone's standards is an extraordinary endeavour and I'm delighted to help them in any way I can.

    Ocean Warrior Patron: Tracy Edwards MBE

    During my first conversation with Jim, I was impressed by his quiet confidence and solid enthusiasm. Since then I have come to learn the determination, dexterity, skills and knowledge of Jim and the crew behind the project, and am delighted to be associated with them. Global Warrior has all the potential of a truly great British first. Slightly mad and eccentric in conception, thorough and precise in planning and likely to prove ingenious and resolved in execution.

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes

    The terrain is exceptionally hostile and dangerous; but I am confident that Jim and his team will be successful... in conducting an environmentally vital transect of the Arctic Ocean. For as Ernest Shackleton said: "difficulties are just things to overcome".

    Alexandra Shackleton

    Learning to travel the hard way is not only the best way, but it's also the most memorable. I greatly admire all of you for having a go: believe me you won't forget the experience.

    Michael Palin

    We all think that the world has been 'discovered' and there are few areas that mankind has not reached. This is not so, and projects like this serve to explore these extremes and push back the boundaries of our knowledge, as well as the limits of those who take part.

    Sir Chris Bonington
    Ocean Warrior Project Fact Sheet

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