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Can I really sail a tall ship as crew?

Yes you can. Classic Sailing specialise in tall ship sailing for adults and young people. Whether you are dreaming of riding the wild waves off Cape Horn, island hopping somewhere tropical on a beautiful schooner, or buying your partner a tall ship taster voyage in waters closer to home, you can find it here. Participating in a tall ship race as crew has the added spectacle of seeing big sailing ships up close under full sail power. A rare sight in this century.

It’s an active and thrilling challenge. There is something about it that turns ordinary people into super heroes. We have seen a tiny ex ballet dancer in her 70’s climb aloft to stow sails. The heady responsibility of steering a mighty square rigger has been seized by many who only ‘steer a desk’ in their day job. Even if you don’t fancy climbing the rigging, most guest crew can’t resist a trip out on the bowsprit netting to take a ‘selfie’ photo of your tall ship in its full glory.

Tall Ship Voyages

Tall ship sailing can be on square riggers like this or sailing ships with fore and aft sails.
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Tall Ship Racing

“There is something about joining the Tall Ships Fleet that defies cynicism. Sailing these great vessels is not just a sport, and not just sentimentality. It fuses the old skills of laborious teamwork and communal courage with a new pattern of adventure and internationalism. Even the most timid and unfit deck workers find themselves rising to the task, inspired by the natural beauty of the sea and the human beauty of the great ships, and the people who sail them.”

Libby Purves – Journalist

International Tall Ships Races are organised in different locations each year. Typically there will be one, or occasionally two, tall ships race events held in Europe each summer. Whilst often aimed at young people, most events will have opportunities for tall ship crew of all ages to take part.

If you cant afford the berth fees then tall ships races are easier to find sponsorship for than some of our ‘holiday’ voyages. Just ask us.

Full training will be given so a complete newcomer to sailing can take part. These voyages are fairly ‘full on’ sailing so you need to be confident about your fitness and stamina. British square rigger Tenacious is designed to take disabled crew racing alongside abled bodied buddies.

Tall Ship Race Voyages

Tall Ships Race start by Max Mudie at

Ocean Passages – 8 day voyages to several months

Classic Sailing office crew are in love with the beauty and profound experience of open ocean sailing, but we often get asked:” Is it boring ? What will I do ?”

In a nutshell: it gives you time to paint a sunset, mend a sail, follow an albatross, help the cook bake bread, climb higher up the rigging each day, switch to ocean time, breathe deep and take stock of your life.

Debbie – Classic Sailing Co-founder

We publish many articles about sailing the ocean blue, and sailing around the world. Search for the OCEAN on our blog pages.

Ocean Epics & Blue Water Voyages

Popular tall ship Eye of the wind enjoying the trade winds and winter sun in the Caribbean.

Winter Sun on Tall Ships

Beat those winter blues, say goodbye to gloomy dark days and say hello to sunlight, spectacular ocean sunsets and crystal clear waters. Look forward to your winter with some amazing tall ship autumn and winter sunshine sailing. Re energise watching sparkling seas and sea creatures like dolphins and seabirds revelling in their element. Swim off the boat, climb high in the rigging, stargaze under tropical skies. Tall ship sailing has it all.

Winter Sun Voyages

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