On Tenacious you get a double challenge

The first and most obvious one is that it is a challenge to sail on a tall ship’
You get all the experiences you find on other tall ships but Tenacious has a second very important challenge.

The second challenge is to work as a team with people of mixed abilities, sure some people need physical or mental assistance while others don’t. Make it a challenge to your positive side.

What will amaze you is how people not only cope with their difficulties but show strengths and abilities that go beyond the ordinary in what can often be a humbling experience for so called normal people.

We are all normal and we are all unique, that is what Tenacious shows all that sail on her.

Join her for a tall ship and an uplifting experience that no other vessel can give you.

Bursary funding
Bursary funding will always be given to those who need it to enable them to sail. 

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Ship Stats

Length Overall


Length On Deck


Year Built

2000 – Carvel hull made of laminated wood.

Vessel Type / Rig


Guest Berths


Crew Berths


What Tenacious does best …

Tall Ship Tenacious

This impressive 65m barque was launched in 2000 she was the largest wooden tall ship to be built in the UK for over 100 years. Her whole build process was unique and disabled and able bodied volunteers helped to build her, so she is greatly loved by her guest crews and supporters.

Unique British Design

Tenacious (and her smaller sister ship Lord Nelson) are the only two of their kind in the world that have been designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side by side on equal terms. 36 000 people have sailed on the two ships since they were built.

Facilities on board include wide flat decks for ease of movement around the ship, wheel chair lifts between deck levels, a hearing hoop, a speaking compass when required and hydraulic power assisted steering to enable people with limited strength or mobility to experience the thrill of steering a 586 ton sailing ship. (more details on her special facilities for the disabled).

Sailing on Tall ship Tenacious
Sail on Tenacious with Classic Sailing

A Challenge for All

The safety of everyone is top priority and so every activity is conducted at a pace comfortable for all. The forces of nature show no compromise and Tenacious is still a powerful square rigger so with main course, upper and lower topsails traditionally rigged so there is still considerable challenge in every voyage. Perhaps going aloft (climbing the rigging is optional) will be the biggest adrenalin buzz or simply the challenge and rewards of being part of a very special floating community.

The Buddy System on Tenacious

On Board Tenacious we operate a buddy system, which pairs able bodied and physically disabled people together. Everyone is there to help one another and share the experience, so the buddy system works both ways! You’ll get the chance to share skills and life experiences and, as many of our crew have found, make friendships that can last a lifetime.


Accommodation & Special Facilities

TENACIOUS has many facilities to enable physically disabled crew to work alongside their able-bodied shipmates, without taking away the element of challenge.
The bowsprit has a walkway so everyone can enjoy that spell binding moment when the dolphins come to play in the bow wave, or you just want to get that classic shot of a square rigger under full sail.
The ship has large ships boats with metal floors so we can get everybody ashore for a beach barbeque or to explore more remote locations where the ship can only anchor. In bigger ports the ships gangways can cope with most waterfronts, but sometimes wheelchair forays ashore require a bit of teamwork.

Specific built-in features include:
• Wide, flat decks with lifts between them.
• Fully adjustable helmsman’s seat, which is fitted with a seat belt.
• For visually impaired voyage crew:
• An audio compass
• A guidance track around most of the upper deck to keep you central
• Arrows on most handrails pointing to the bow
• Tactile strips at the tops of companionways (stairs) and bright coloured edging
• Bright track radar screen.
• For deaf and hearing impaired voyage crew:
• Berths are fitted with vibrator pads connected to the alarm bells and alarm lights circuit.
• Both ships are fitted with induction loops.
Below decks there are bunks in the fo’c’sle for the majority of the crew, and eight cabins amidships for wheelchair users and their buddies. Bathrooms on board have specifically designed toilets and showers for those with more severe disabilities.
Accommodation below has heating and air conditioning. There are hot showers, points for electric shavers, toothbrushes and hair driers.

Bar on Board
Tenacious is a very sociable ship and the bar is often a focal point for events in port. At sea you can buy alcoholic drinks if you are not on watch or about to go and handle sails or climb the rigging.

There is also a large mess room for meals or where you can write a diary or perhaps enjoy a board game.
Tenacious is well fitted with a messroom, fully equipped galley, workshop, library plus a well-stocked bar.

No other vessel can give you the unique double challenge you’ll love on Tenacious.

Voyages on Tenacious


Late Summer - Cardiff to Portsmouth aboard Tenacious - TNS661


Tue 03-09-2024

Cardiff, UK


Thu 12-09-2024

Portsmouth, UK




Daysail: Cardiff aboard Tenacious - TNSDS 310824


Sat 31-08-2024

Cardiff, UK


Sat 31-08-2024

Cardiff, UK




Summer Sailing - London to Cardiff aboard Tenacious - TNS660


Mon 05-08-2024



Fri 16-08-2024

Cardiff, UK

spring creeks in Devon