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‘Sail Training’ for Adults

When we use the term ‘sail training’ we don’t just mean ‘learning to sail’. Across the world many vessels use the experience of sailing offshore as a tool to help develop self confidence, teamwork, and self discovery. Typically aimed at young people, it works incredibly well for adults too. You don’t have to be 18 to be at a crossroads in your life, or struggling with your mental health. Many of us need that life affirming moment, a hug from a stranger or a challenge to stretch our abilities.

Stowing sails aloft on Tenacious. A tall ship built for able bodied and disabled crews. Photo

Which Voyages are ‘Sail Training’?

So are Classic Sailing voyages a holiday or a sail training experience? we would say a bit of both. You are legally a trainee as you are helping crew the ship, rather than being a passenger being taken on a cruise. Some voyages are more ‘sail training’ than others. The voyage description of each voyage should give you an idea of the level of involvement expected and whether there is any additional agenda like well being, fitness or that classic term ‘character building.’

Our ethos – hands on sailing

Helping the Scientists & Oceanographers

Our Oceans are vital to life on earth. We need to save them. Classic Sailing have several projects on board our vessels where you can get stuck in to cutting edge research and help the scientists, marine biologists, oceanographers and environmental activists. And whilst you help the planet you get to experience thrilling sailing in some incredibly remote places, and on our doorstep too. If this is the career direction you want to go, these voyages are a great way to gain real work experience and network with environmental professionals and guest crew that share your passion.

Whether you sign up for a voyage an Arctic research project in Greenland, or closer to home with a beach clean, you will make a contribution to saving our oceans.

Voyages with Scientific research

Sail Cargo & Green Transport

There is a growing fleet of sailing ships around the world providing an alternative and more environmentally friendly way of delivering cargoes. The commercially viable routes that work best follow a very similar pattern to trade wind routes and coastal trade patterns of the 18th and 19th Century. You can sail on Classic Sailing voyages as sail cargo crew. The cargoes at the moment are small but do not under estimate their potential to shape the future. Serious design time is being put into designing full sized modern cargo ships that can harness the wind and reduce fossil fuel use and air pollution.

Another strand to Classic Sailing Climate Strategy is to promote low carbon travel under sail and develop green transport routes via tall ship. You can sail around the world without flying, and reduce your carbon footprint with all our voyages.

Sail cargo voyages

1882 Brixham Sailing Trawler Pilgrim was virtually re built - with help from a lottery grant.

Conserving Maritime Heritage – Skills & Vessels

At Classic Sailing we still believe the best way to conserve our maritime heritage and traditional sailing skills is for historic vessels to go sailing on the sea, and not be stuck in a museum. A working ship at sea with paying crews is a financial model that has worked well for many organisations all over the world. But we are not living in normal times, and as usual the most valuable intangible things in society start to suffer when things get tight.

Classic Sailing is run by professional sailors and we have spent nearly 25 years promoting and running traditional vessels and tall ships. Your voyage booking revenue and your enthusiasm on board and back home helps keep tall ships and maritime skills alive.

Romance of the Open Ocean

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