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Mini Ocean Voyages

You will be sailing out of sight of land and running a full watch keeping rota day and night. You will not be crossing the full ocean but these small ocean passages are great introductions for a full ocean crossing.  

If you want a taste of ocean sailing and get a tan, then we have several 8-14 day blue water passages. In the Autumn we have vessels heading South from Europe to their winter season sailing grounds like Canaries, tropical Cape Verde and the Caribbean.  You don’t have to do the green bit in the English Channel.  With cheap flights you can usually join in Spain, Portugal or the Canaries and skip straight to reliable sunshine, blue seas and flying fish.

Pelican and Classic sailing

Trade Wind Trans-Atlantic Crossing to the Caribbean

Traditionally ships from Europe sailed South down the edge of Europe to the coast of Africa ‘until the butter melted.’ Setting off from the Canaries or more ideally Cape Verde, they were at the right latitude to cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean in the NE trade winds.

This perfect point of sailing a ‘broad reach’ offers a great way of eating up the miles day after day. The constant winds create an impressive long ocean swell, so look out for flying fish launching themselves into the air from crest to crest.

Eye of the Wind with Classic Sailing

Around the World

Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

We anticipate offering a tall ship to sail around the world in about 12 legs starting in 2022.

World Map Courtesy Wikipedia


Ocean Voyages Sailing Voyages


Passage to Easter Island TC100425


Thu 10-04-2025

Puerto Montt, Chile


Wed 30-04-2025

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)




Tahiti to Hawaii TC020625


Mon 02-06-2025

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia


Sun 29-06-2025


Darwin200 Voyage with Classic Sailing




A Pacific Adventure TC010725


Tue 01-07-2025



Fri 25-07-2025

Dutch Harbour, Unalaska.

Sailing Holidays on Tecla with Classic Sailing