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Shorebased Courses & Workshops

Classic Sailing offers a range of courses and marine adventure related skills that you can do on land, or in the winter when sailing opportunities are limited. They include:

RYA theory course packs you can do at home – with on line tutor support!

RYA – Internet course you can do anywhere on line

RYA shorebased classrooms (group bookings only)

Winter workshops, talks or lectures – learning marine related skills or purely for leisure

For Boat Building and repair courses ashore

Boat building & woodwork courses

Recognised RYA Training Centre for over 20 years.

Classic Sailing has been a recognised RYA Training Centre since 2003. Classic Sailing were one of the first RYA sailing schools to offer courses for adults on classic yachts with bowsprits and traditional rigging. We can help you work your way up the ladder of RYA sailing courses and qualifications – both theory and practical.

Plan ahead: Learn navigation or gain a RYA Yachtmaster or day skipper theory qualification this winter, and book a practical course or voyage to put your new skills into practice. You can also quiz our skippers on what it takes to work at sea, own and run a boat, or gain tips for your worldwide travel plans.

All RYA Practical Course dates

RYA Theory Courses: Delivered Online

We offer the full range of RYA theory courses that you can do at home.

They are delivered on line, or with a course pack you can work through with charts, chart plotter simulators and on line tutors to help. We currently use a specialist company rather than run these ourselves because the instructors are teaching classroom navigation and related topics to high levels – all year around.

Classic Sailing skippers and professional crew can help you apply those skills for real when you come sailing with us.

RYA Essential Navigation & Theory

RYA Day Skipper Theory Course

RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

Classroom taught RYA Theory Courses

Remember evening classes? Gone are the days when you could sign up to learn navigation from scratch over 20+weeks with a RYA Day Skipper Theory at your local college. Tallulah’s skipper Debbie did her Yachtmaster Offshore at evening classes in Exeter whilst working as a landscape architect (and secretly planning her future sea career). One of our skippers even taught RYA yachtmaster shorebased course to students on Skip Novaks yacht in the Beagle Channel.

Classroom classes might be old hat, but they are not dead. We prefer to teach the 40 hour Day Skipper or Yachtmaster theory courses over 5 days, so it is pretty intensive small group learning, but at least you have a real person you can ask for help, in real time, not via an email question.

If you have a group of at 4-6 students Classic Sailing can provide classroom courses with our working skippers/RYA instructors in Cornwall, typically with a boat as affordable accommodation (Dates possible Nov 2024 – March 2025). In the past we have hired St Mawes Sailing Club which has an excellent classroom.


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