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Sand, Sea, and Sun, the Healing Trinity – Winter 23-24

Sail in the Caribbean with Classic Sailing

Break Winter’s Chill or Enjoy an Ocean Thrill? The Choice is Yours

As winter’s chill takes hold and the daylight hours wane, it’s all too easy to find solace in a cuppa and a log fire, good though they are. But what if you could trade that comfort for the invigorating embrace of the sea? This winter, we’re offering you the chance to cast aside the frost and fog for an extraordinary sailing escapade.

Canary Islands: A Yuletide Voyage to Remember

Imagine hoisting the sails in the Canary Islands, where the sky is as endlessly blue as your desire to break free from the everyday. While the slots are limited, we do have voyages that include both Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. It’s an opportunity to ring in the holidays in a setting as unique as you are. For a deeper dive into what the Canary Islands have to offer, you might want to check out this Lonely Planet guide.

Canary Island Voyages

Cape Verde: The Road Less Sailed

If you’re the sort who cherishes a bit of peace and quiet, Cape Verde offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. #

Unfortunately, we’re fully booked for this year, but keep an eye out for next year’s voyages.

Caribbean: A Sailing Sabbatical You’ve Earned

Let’s not mince words; it’s been a tough year. You’ve more than earned the right to something extraordinary. With three ships—Eye of the Wind, Grayhound, and Tenacious—ready to set sail, you can choose from a range of Caribbean experiences that promise to rejuvenate both body and soul.

Caribbean Island Voyages

Antarctica: An Icy Adventure of Epic Proportions

For the intrepid among you, Antarctica calls. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill holiday destination, and that’s precisely its allure. Picture yourself navigating through a sea of icebergs under a sun that never sets, setting foot on the world’s last unspoiled continent, and observing colonies of King Penguins, Chin Straps, and other exotic species. It’s a naturalist’s dream and a once-in-a-lifetime journey you’ll cherish forever.

Antarctica Adventure Sailing

This Is More Than Just a Holiday

This isn’t merely a break from work; it’s an opportunity to recharge your spirit. You’ll return not just rested, but transformed, with the kind of stories that turn you into the most interesting person in the room.

So, why let winter’s gloom weigh you down when you could be riding the high seas and basking in endless daylight? Don’t let this opportunity drift away. Secure your winter voyage with us today and transform those winter blues into a kaleidoscope of oceanic splendour.

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