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Sat 15-03-2025, 14:00Martinique, Caribbean Thu 27-03-2025, 14:00St Martin / St Maarten Twister 12 NightsTW150325

Embark on a 13-day sailing odyssey from Martinique to St. Martin, exploring the hidden gems of the Caribbean. From the lush jungles of Dominica to the pristine beaches of Guadeloupe and the underwater wonders of Saint Eustace, this voyage promises unparalleled experiences.

Sail through magical nights at sea, encounter vibrant marine life, and embrace the opulence of Saint Barthélemy. Discover the captivating fusion of cultures at Saint Martin, where your journey concludes.

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Ideal Voyage for…

All levels of experience, from beginners wanting to learn the ropes on a friendly ship in the sunshine, to experienced sailors keen for a rejuvenating voyage with plenty of sail handling.

A great mix of deep ocean passages and island hopping.


  • Sunshine and sandy shores
  • Varied and beautiful landscapes
  • Fantastic wildlife spotting opportunities


Vessel type / Rig 2-Masted Schooner
Guest Berths 18
Beam 6.2 m
Draft 2.8 m
Deck Length 28.7 m
Overall Length 36.5 m
Year Built Built 1902 / Rebuilt 1957
More about the Vessel

Voyage Description


Setting Sail from Martinique

Your journey begins on the captivating island of Martinique, a French Overseas department. Here, the official language is French, and you’ll find yourself savouring baguettes and croissants while using Euros for transactions. Known as ‘the Island of Flowers,’ Martinique is a lush paradise with rolling hills, dense jungles, and even a cloud forest. The nightlife here is vibrant, offering numerous bars and restaurants to explore if you have time before your voyage.

Along the Way

As you help the crew set sail and chart your course, Twister’s next destination is Dominica, an eco-tourism haven. Dominica’s steep volcanic terrain has preserved its rainforest, resulting in breathtaking landscapes. Multicoloured birds serenade you amidst towering ferns, liana vines, and ancient forest giants. Venture deeper, and you’ll encounter steam rising from volcanic vents, filling the air with a unique aroma. Dominica boasts diverse flora and fauna, including over a thousand plant species and 195 bird species.

Your voyage continues northward to Guadeloupe, a group of enchanting islands known for their palm-fringed, sandy white beaches. These islands are not just a paradise for humans but also home to over 10,000 iguanas. Guadeloupe offers an array of highlights, and guests are encouraged to share their preferences to tailor Twister’s journey.

Prepare for some serious sailing as you embark on longer hauls, possibly sailing through the night. Nights at sea are truly magical, especially with a balmy Caribbean breeze. This region is brimming with beautiful islands, including Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Eustace, each with its own unique charm and natural wonders.

Arriving in St Marten

Twister takes you to the jet-set island of Saint Barthélemy, where megayachts adorn the coastline, and celebrities grace the beaches. This luxurious destination offers stunning surroundings, diverse Caribbean experiences, and a touch of high-end dining and entertainment.

Finally, your adventure concludes at St Marten, where the Netherlands meets France, the end of an unforgettable journey.

Sail in the Caribbean with Classic Sailing


You can expect pleasant Caribbean temperatures and steady winds, providing ideal sailing conditions. While the weather is generally fair, be aware that occasional weather systems can still disrupt this, and it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities.


On a sailing voyage we never use the word itinerary, as skippers will always be aiming for the best and safest sailing routes for the forecast. They are as keen as you to include some of the highlights described above, but when it comes to sailing, you have to go with Mother Nature, not fight her. The description provided is based on what we think might be possible, based on past trips, or prior experience, but nothing is guaranteed on a sailing voyage. As such, the scheduled joining ports, routes, activities and/or destinations may be altered. Due to the complexities of weather systems, this may be at very short notice. 


Whether you are an experienced sailor or a complete beginner, the professional crew will train you to be guest crew from the moment you arrive, with the intention that everybody works together to sail the ship. The common thread to all Classic Sailing holidays is ‘Hands on’ participation on ships that use ropes, blocks and tackles and ‘people power’ to set sail. Handling cargo adds an extra dimension – building teamwork and communication skills and leaving you with a great sense of achievement.


We cater for a wide range of ages and physical abilities and how much you are expected to do varies a bit between vessels. See the vessel tab above which explains all about the ‘sailing style’ and what to expect in terms of hands on participation. There is a lot of information about day to day life, the ships facilities and accommodation on the vessel pages.

Start & End Port

Martinique, Caribbean

For Joining Morgenster, the ship is likely to be at anchor in Fort de France Bay. The ship will text you a meeting point and pick you up in the RIB.

Colourblind sailor and jumped-up cook

St Martin / St Maarten

The tiny French-Dutch island of Saint-Martin, covering just 88km², is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is renowned for its friendly welcome! The international airport is in the Dutch half of the island known as Sint Maarten. Ports like Marigot are on the French side to the North.

Much more than a beach lovers paradise, the island of St Martin with natural, cultural and amazingly friendly locals. Thanks to its climate and untouched natural heritage, the island offers unparrelleled year-round watersports and outdoor activity.

St Martin has its own unique identity, making it the perfect sunshine getaway to start or end a voyage. You will also find that the people of Saint Martin – fiercely proud of their “Friendly Island”, reputation – are very helpful.

Joining Blue Clipper in 2019 – the boat will plan to be anchored in Marigot Bay however its exact location will be open to change due to the port authorities.

Kit List

What to pack for a sailing adventure aboard Twister

What is Included:

  • All meals and soft drinks aboard
  • All safety equipment, including lifejackets and harnesses.
  • Your bunk, bedding and a towel

What is Not Included:

  • Travel to and from your voyage
  • Personal travel insurance (see our advice on Travel Insurance)
  • Alcohol- drinks are available to purchase on board- consumption is always at the discretion of the Skipper, and is never permitted whilst the ship is underway.
  • Waterproofs - sets are available to hire on request.

What to Bring

YOUR PASSPORT! Along with any other required travel documentation. Please read the joining instructions you receive from the Ship carefully to ensure you have everything you need.

  • Please, no valuable jewellery or other valuables, unless you have got specific travel insurance to cover it.
  • Waterproofs - see above.
  • Hats for sun and cold weather.
  • At least two sets of warm clothes - layers e.g. tracksuit bottoms, shirts, fleece jacket, wool jumpers, thick socks, and neck scarf. It can get cold at sea even in mid summer.
  • Swim suit and suntan lotion.
  • Flat shoes with a good grip e.g. trainers or sailing deck shoes. Sailing boots or wellies are also helpful.
  • All terrain type Sandals are great for dinghy trips ashore – but you do need shoes which protect your toes for sailing.
  • Camera, binoculars, sketchbook, a relaxing read, a musical instrument, pack of cards, magic tricks...
  • Any medication, spare spectacles. Seasickness tablets or pressure-point wrist bands (talk to your pharmacist)
  • Your own logbook if you'd like to keep track of your sea miles.
  • Tech chargers (along with adaptors for European sockets) and waterproof cases for any electronics. A rechargeable battery pack for your phone / camera can be really helpful.

N.B. BOATS HAVE LIMITED STORAGE SPACE SO PLEASE PACK AS LIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE. Don't use a rigid suitcase or a bag with a rigid frame. Soft bags are much easier to fold up and stow.

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