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Active adventure sailing holidays on tall ships and traditional yachts.

No experience required.

Solo Travellers welcome, no single supplements on most trips.

Local voyages and Ocean Crossings.

Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctica, Greenland, Scotland, Cornwall and dozens of more places.

Sailing holidays start from £69

Prices include all your food and accommodation on board.

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Sail on Tall Ship with Classic Sailing

25/10 Announcing New Voyages

Sail Scotland 2023

Explore Scotland’s wilderness and wildlife on a traditional sailing adventure! Join a traditional sailing vessel, no sailing experience required. Our skilled skippers will guide

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faroe islands with classic sailing

12/02 Inspiration

Getting ready for a big adventure.

How to Prepare for a Long Voyage.  Getting ready for a big adventure is a lengthy process and we hope this article helps you

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Classic Sailing’s Top 5 Voyages for Photographers

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The late author and Explorer Kit Mayers with a globe. You can buy his book to help raise funds for Greenpeace.

20/04 Inspiration

‘The First English Explorer’… and a much more recent one

My grandfather, Kit Mayers, was a big influence on me. His stubborn adventurousness, stoicism and passion for the world was inspirational.

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Trade Winds by Chris de Beukelaer

08/04 Educational

“Trade Winds” by Christiaan de Beukelaer

Adam here.Let me tell you about the book “Trade Winds” by Christiaan de Beukelaer. This book is a fascinating voyage through the difficult waters

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