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Active adventure sailing holidays on tall ships and traditional yachts.

No experience required.

Solo Travellers welcome, no single supplements on most trips.

Local voyages and Ocean Crossings.

Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctica, Greenland, Scotland, Cornwall and dozens of more places.

Sailing holidays start from £69

Prices include all your food and accommodation on board.

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Traditional sailing ship Tecla will all her sails up, passing a large white iceberg in front of a moody sky. Polar exploration sailing adventure holidays with Classic Sailing.

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Tecla: Exploring a Frozen World

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Active adventure sailing holidays with Classic Sailing

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Summer Sailing Holidays 2023

Summer Sailing Holidays 2023 All our summer sailing holidays in 2023 are ‘hands on’ sailing holidays. There is no need to have previous experience

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20/01 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Delivery Voyage?

A delivery voyage, sometimes described as a ‘Mile-builder’, is a sailing trip from one port to another without much hanging around in between. Often

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