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Isles of Scilly – The row boat comes too

It’s a risk towing a valuable clinker rowing boat for 65 miles, but whenever possible ‘Number 8’ comes with Tallulah to the Scillies. We have had her surfing along behind us at 8-9 knots on long lines like the historic tenders that served the pilot cutter trade in all weathers.

Tallulah has a rubber dinghy too, but having a beautiful 15ft wooden rowing boat means we can get all the crew in Number 8. It enables us to go on some mini expeditions within the archipelago, without that irritating outboard noise, whether it is seal watching off Menawerthan, or across the shallow sandy waters of Tresco or St Martins flats. You can row number 8 on your own with a pair of light oars or really crank it up with two rowers with long gig oars, propelling the whole crew ashore. For longer distances we have an electric outboard too. Tallulah also carries 2 SUPS.

Tallulah only sails to the Scillies in the early summer and peak season, selecting the dates that give us spring tides to speed Tallulah across Mounts Bay. That big tidal range in the archipelago (twice a month) is the most scenically dramatic and navigationally challenging time to visit. It is a real sailors choice and keen beginners get an intensive introduction to tidal waters beach landings.

If the weather is too wild to get there then Cornwall mainland is our home sailing waters, so Tallulah crew can show you some unusual places, and will try to give you a sailing holiday with all the same ingredients and adventure as the Scillies. It helps having lots of water toys to play with and a crew who love to explore ashore with guests.

Off to the Scillies on Tallulah

Isle of Scilly dates 2023

There are only 3 Isles of Scilly voyages on Tallulah in 2023 so they are already filling up. All voyages on Tallulah start and finish in St Mawes, Cornwall. The passage out there is 65 miles. It starts off coastal but soon you are on an offshore passage out into the Atlantic. The fast tides make it an awesome trip for wildlife spotting. We even saw a pelican, blown in from the Caribbean, in 2022.

17th – 23rd June 2023

1st to 7th July 2023

16th – 22nd July 2023

Tallulah Scilly Voyages 2023


“Tallulah flies alright, as we found out last summer on a stomping reach to Scillies in 9.5 hours from Helford.”

David K, Tallulah 2022 customer

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