Customer Reviews

Eye of the Wind Customer Reviews

We would like to thank you all for giving us such an unforgettable experience that opened up new perspectives for us . We would like to share our thoughts about our time on this wonderful tall ship with you. Thanks to Captain Moritz, who was extremely competent, was patient, confident and had a great sense of humor. Thanks to Drew who was a calm, helpful and knowledgeable helmsman. You both made a great team and made us feel safe and comfortable the whole time. 

Thanks to Engineer Jarrah, who kept everything running on the ship and shared his private spread with us.

Thanks to sailor Ayla, who is a wonderful teacher and an experienced sailor, and especially thanks for climbing up to the yards with Susan and Renee . Thanks to Andrew for his great technical skills and for always keeping us entertained with singing and a good atmosphere. Many thanks to deckhand Iris, who was always happy to offer to help us with bream and setting the sails . Thanks to deckhand Nathalie for her patience and guidance in showing us guests how to operate the lines. Thanks to sailor Simone for her unbridled enthusiasm and willingness to help, which inspired us everywhere. We particularly enjoyed the Eye of the Wind movie night with hot cocoa and cold beer. And a special thanks to our brilliant and creative chef Sergio. Thank you for filling our bellies and making us laugh . We enjoyed the delicious, nutritious and balanced meals .

Susan, Kerstin, Kevin, Detlef, Renee

Eye of the Wind,

A fabulous adventure! Words cannot convey the experience.


It was something we have always wanted to do and couldn’t have asked for a better captain, crew, and companions. If you have even wondered about doing something like this- YOU NEED TO! or you will forever regret it.


The accommodation was much better that I had expected. My pleasure was spoiled by an ankle injury I got (my fault) but the crew were very good, in particular Alina.


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