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Jim McNeill Explorer

28/12 Careers

Jim McNeill Bio

Jim McNeill Bio: A Journey from North London to the Extremes of the Earth Introduction by Adam of Classic Sailing As someone inherently drawn

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Sam McNeill Operations Director and Digital Content Creator at Global Warrior Project Ice Warrior Expeditions Ltd | Warrior Citizen Science Ltd (Non-Profit)

27/12 Careers

Sam McNeill

SAM MCNEILL BIO  Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions Introduction by Adam Purser Sam is an integral part of the Ocean Warrior #Resolute Expeditions and Classic

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Sabbatical - Setting Sail into a Rejuvenated Future

Ocean Classrooms & Citizen Science

Learning and Education at Sea There has never been a more important time to learn more about our ocean systems and how it effects

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london interview with ocean warrior patron tracey edwards

04/12 Cold Climate Sailing

An Interview with sailing icon Tracey Edwards

Why is Tracey Edwards patron of our Arctic Sailing Expeditions? Debbie Purser from Classic Sailing went to an special evening in London on 30th

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Sail Cargo - whisky and rum as deck cargo on Grayhound

Voyages with a Purpose

‘Sail Training’ for Adults When we use the term ‘sail training’ we don’t just mean ‘learning to sail’. Across the world many vessels use

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sea level rise and boats

31/12 Climate Change

Classic Sailing & Climate Change – Draft Strategy

How Classic Sailing Customers Can help fight Climate Change – A Draft Statement With the world’s climate possibly reaching a tipping point, Classic Sailing is

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