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Sunbeam in the Stockholm Archipelago

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Sat 10-08-2024, 18:00Stockholm, Sweden Sat 17-08-2024, 10:00Stockholm, Sweden Sunbeam 7 NightsSB100824

Exploring the Archipelago
Our voyages are as much about the journey as the destinations. We sail through a region rich in history and natural beauty, the area we sail in could be anywhere between Norrtälje/Arholma in the north to Nyköping in the south. Each stop, whether a cultural site or a natural harbour, offers a unique glimpse into the archipelago’s soul.

A week with us might include stops at marinas for fresh supplies, swims in the brackish waters of the sea, and visits to places steeped in history and culture. From secret Cold War fortresses to serene natural harbours, every day brings something new.

On Sunbeam, every voyage is an opportunity to explore, relax, and connect with the sea and its surroundings. It’s more than just a sailing trip; it’s an experience that stays with you. So, are you ready to set sail on an adventure you’ll never forget?

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Laid back Swedish sailing on Sunbeam

A different anchorage every night.

The best of traditional sailing and Swedish life style

Amazing Archipelago

Knowledgeable crew


Vessel type / Rig Gaff rigged ketch
Guest Berths 8
Beam 5.9m
Draft 2.6
Deck Length 23.9m
Overall Length 30m
Year Built 1905
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Voyage Description

Exploring the Stockholm Archipelago with Sunbeam

Embark on a Sunbeam voyage through the archipelago, where sailing is a dance with the winds. We tailor each day’s destination to the weather, ensuring a pleasant and practical experience. Our journey spans from Norrtälje/Arholma in the north to Nyköping in the south, offering a mix of cultural landmarks, historical sites, and natural beauty. The archipelago boasts marinas and numerous serene natural harbors, each with its unique charm.

On a typical week-long trip, we dock at marinas for essentials like water and provisions. These stops also provide a chance for showers, though many find a swim in the gentle brackish sea waters just as refreshing.

Key Stops on Our Journey:

  • Möja-Ramsmora: Visit the museum of artist Roland Svensson, capturing the village’s essence. Nearby, enjoy a tranquil lake perfect for swimming.
  • Arholma: A larger island with a permanent population, offering a real taste of archipelago life.
  • Sandhamn: A pilots station turned modern marina, unique for its sandy landscape amid the rocky archipelago.
  • Svenska Högarna: Home to a lighthouse marking our journey’s outermost point.

Historical Military Sites:

  • Arholma-Nord: Explore a Cold War-era fortress, now a museum.
  • Siaröfortet: A World War I fortress, open for exploration.
  • Various Fortresses: Håkansskär, Gisslingö, Vässarö, Låren – former fortresses with fascinating histories and mooring spots.

Natural Harbors:

  • Napoleonviken: A mountain-encircled bay, offering shelter for vessels.
  • Träskö Storö: Moor at this quaint island and enjoy a public sauna on the main island.
  • Nåttarö: Ideal for a refreshing swim at its inviting beach.

Each destination on our journey is an invitation to delve into the archipelago’s history, culture, and natural splendor.

Start & End Port

Stockholm, Sweden



Worthwhile Journeys

You are going to be spending some time in the ports you embark and disembark from. These aren’t just logistical points; they’re opportunities for further enrichment. Take an extra day to discover what’s beyond the harbour. It’s not merely about filling time; it’s about making the entire journey worthwhile.

Keeping in Touch The exact location of your ship may not be known until closer to your joining time, you will be informed by email once the exact position has been confirmed. Make sure you take a note of the ship’s mobile/cell phone number with you in case you are delayed or there are any other problems on the day.

What to Do in Stockholm

History Stockholm, rich in Scandinavian history, boasts an array of historical landmarks and museums. The Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace are must-visits for history enthusiasts.

Culture Stockholm’s culture is a tapestry of arts and festivals. Explore Gamla Stan’s quaint streets, visit the Moderna Museet for contemporary art, and time your visit to catch traditional festivals like Midsummer.

Sites of Interest to a Sailor While sailing is your primary adventure, Stockholm’s coastal views are breathtaking. Take in the sights of the archipelago, visit famous landmarks like the Stockholm Lighthouse, and enjoy the serene beauty of nearby bays.

Entertainment Stockholm’s nightlife and entertainment scene is vibrant. From live music venues to dance clubs, there’s something for every taste. Don’t miss out on traditional Swedish music performances.

Eating Out Stockholm offers culinary delights ranging from traditional Swedish dishes to international cuisine. Be sure to try some seafood, a staple in local dining, and enjoy a fika at a cosy café.

Nature Nature lovers will appreciate Stockholm’s natural landscapes, including serene lakes, extensive hiking trails, and parks like Djurgården.

Unique Features Stockholm stands out with its blend of modernity and tradition, its commitment to sustainability, and its unique island layout, offering a different experience from typical city destinations.

Accommodation Stockholm offers a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels like the Grand Hôtel to cosy spa retreats.

Official Tourist Website Visit Stockholm

Weather Stockholm Stockholm’s climate varies by season:

  • Winter: Cold with short days, occasional snow.
  • Spring: Mild temperatures, blooming landscapes.
  • Summer: Warm and pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Autumn: Cooler temperatures, beautiful autumn foliage.

Sea and Beyond: A Responsible Mariner’s Guide Since you’re already investing in a unique sailing adventure, why not extend that spirit to your travel choices? Opt for more sustainable methods of transport where possible like trains, coaches or sharing a car. If you fly, and we realise this may well be the case, you could research some ways to offset the carbon created by the flight.

Special Interests If you have a special interest that you would like to find out about for this port or to tell us about, we would love to hear from you.

How to Get There

From the UK Travellers can fly directly to Stockholm Arlanda Airport or take a train through Europe, connecting to a ferry for the final leg.

From Europe Stockholm is well-connected by train and bus from major European cities. Flights are also readily available.

From North America Direct flights to Stockholm are the most convenient option, with several airlines offering routes from major cities.

From Australia Travellers typically fly to Stockholm, often with a layover in Asia or the Middle East.

Kit List

What to pack for a sailing holiday on Sunbeam

What is Included:

  • All meals and soft drinks aboard
  • All safety equipment, including lifejackets. Please don't bring your own lifejacket, as it may not comply with Sunbeam's commercial safety standards.
  • Your bunk, blanket and pillow (but you WILL NEED A SLEEPING BAG AND PILLOW CASE)

What is Not Included:

  • Travel to and from your voyage
  • Personal travel insurance (see our advice on Travel Insurance)
  • Alcohol- you can bring a moderate amount with you if you wish- consumption is always at the discretion of the Skipper, and is never permitted whilst the ship is underway.*
  • Waterproofs - If this is your first voyage, good walking waterproofs will be fine. We only recommend buying sailing waterproofs if you are frequent sailors. If you don't have a waterproof jacket and / or trousers, do let us know.

*There are strict laws surrounding alcohol in Sweden, including while sailing. A note from the Sunbeam team: “Due to the Swedish state monopoly we are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages for purchase. We will have a selection of low alcohol beer (2.8-3.5% vol) and guests are welcome to bring their own drinks of choice. Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in moderation when docked, as per the skipper’s discretion. Strict sobriety is required for all involved in sailing or motoring. Smoking is restricted to specific outdoor areas.

What to Bring

  • Please, no valuable jewellery or other valuables, unless you have got specific travel insurance to cover it.
  • Waterproofs - see above.
  • A sleeping bag, pillow case and towel.
  • Hats for sun and cold weather.
  • Swim suit and suntan lotion.
  • Flat shoes with a good grip e.g. trainers or sailing deck shoes. Sailing boots or wellies are also helpful.
  • A small amount of cash for jaunts ashore.
  • All terrain type Sandals are great for dinghy trips ashore – but you do need shoes which protect your toes for sailing.
  • Camera, binoculars, sketchbook, a relaxing read, a musical instrument...
  • Any medication, spare spectacles. Seasickness tablets or pressure-point wrist bands (talk to your pharmacist)
  • Your own logbook if you'd like to keep track of your sea miles.
  • Tech chargers with European adaptors and waterproof cases for any electronics. A rechargeable battery pack for your phone / camera can be really helpful, as the power supply on board is not 24 hours.

N.B. BOATS HAVE LIMITED STORAGE SPACE SO PLEASE LIMIT YOURSELF TO ONE SOFT BAG OR RUCKSACK. Please don't use a rigid suitcase or a bag with a rigid frame. Soft bags are much easier to fold up and stow.

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Sailing on Sunbeam: A Memorable Adventure

Life Onboard
Join us on Sunbeam for a seamless blend of comfort and adventure. Our ship is tailored for ease and enjoyment, suitable for both seasoned sailors and newcomers.

Sleeping Quarters
We offer a range of sleeping options, from cosy single berths to spacious double lofts, ensuring restful nights after adventurous days.

Facilities and Dining
Our well-equipped kitchen and dining areas are perfect for enjoying meals with a view. We cater to all tastes, providing meals and snacks throughout the journey.

Voyage Highlights
Sail through stunning landscapes from Norrtälje/Arholma to Nyköping. Each stop offers unique experiences, from cultural sites to natural harbours. Expect a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Join the Journey
Embark on Sunbeam for an unforgettable voyage, where each day brings new discoveries and serene moments. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

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