Dutch Schooner ‘Twister’

Twister is a nimble two-masted schooner, built for speed and perfect for ocean going adventures. Following a long career as a working boat, she now offers fantastic environmentally conscious adventure holidays to sailors of all ages.

Joining a voyage on Twister you are becoming part of the crew, and part of the ship’s family. Bring your individuality and a sense of team spirit: a warm welcome awaits!

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Ship Stats

Length Overall

36.5 m

Length On Deck

28.7 m

Year Built

Built 1902 / Rebuilt 1957

Vessel Type / Rig

2-Masted Schooner

Guest Berths




Schooner Twister under full sail in golden light

Originally constructed in 1902 with a wooden hull, ‘Twister’ had a humble beginning as a fish transport vessel, specialising in the swift transfer of fresh catches between fishing boats and the harbour. Her design and rigging were tailored for speed, ensuring the preservation of the perishable cargo.

As years passed, ‘Twister’ underwent several transformations, including a complete replacement of her wooden hull with steel in the 1950s. In 1998, she was converted into a passenger charter vessel. Another renovation in 2012, equipped her with state-of-the-art safety features and modernised her facilities.

‘Twister’ maintains her graceful design and sailing prowess, offering a reliable and comfortable journey, as well as an exhilarating sailing experience. Her robust build and modern rigging enable her to excel in various sailing environments, from the Ijsselmeer and Baltic Sea to the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Whether you’re at the helm, on deck, or in the welcoming wheelhouse, ‘Twister’ warmly accommodates all her guests. With 2 and 3 berth cabins, she’s also an ideal choice for couples, friends and families seeking a memorable maritime adventure.

What to Expect

What to Expect on Board Twister

During your time on board, you will be part of the crew, encouraged to help with all deck work, including:

– Hauling lines

– Steering the ship

– Helping to set and trim sails

– Helping to furl and reef sails

– Keeping lookout

– Standing night watch (a unique experience in ocean waters, untouched by light pollution)

– Learning some navigation skills

– Helping with anchoring and mooring operations

The crew will teach you everything you need to know to get fully involved. You don’t need specific prior sailing experience, but on the longer ocean voyages a desire to get stuck in, work together and take the rough with the smooth is paramount.

The crew of Twister are committed to environmental protection, and engine use is kept to an absolute minimum. This means you experience sailing in its truest form, making the most of every scrap of wind, and spending time getting to grips with sail trim and the balance of the ship.

There will be times on deck which are busy, with lots to do and lots to learn. There will also be opportunities to sit back, relax and look out for wildlife. Every day will be different, the only common feature is you’ll work up an appetite! Meals on board are fresh, delicious and plentiful, and whenever possible are eaten communally in Twister’s sociable saloon or out on deck. While vegetarian as standard, meat and fish are available on occasion.

Dining on Twister is sociable and relaxed, with fresh vegetarian food as standard


Below Decks Accommodation on Twister

Schooner Twister's accommodation plan

Solo travellers, couples and groups are all welcome. The accommodation on Twister is made up of seven cabins for guest crew: one four-person cabin, two three-person cabins and four twin cabins. There are separate cabins for the professional crew.

There is heating and lighting throughout, and separate space for any wet gear. You can therefore keep your bunk and the rest of your gear warm and dry.

The saloon is a sociable place for your meals and relaxing when not on watch. Please note that alcoholic drinks are not included in the voyage price but may be purchased on board. Consumption of alcohol is always at the discretion of the Skipper, and never permitted when on watch.

Collage of photos showing the accommodation aboard schooner 'Twister'

Colourblind sailor and jumped-up cook

Voyages on Twister


North Sea City Break TW181024


Fri 18-10-2024



Mon 21-10-2024


Sailing Holiday from Amsterdam




North Sea City Break TW151024


Tue 15-10-2024



Fri 18-10-2024





Cross the North Atlantic to Europe on Twister TW300325


Sun 30-03-2025

St Martin / St Maarten


Wed 07-05-2025

Rotterdam, the Netherlands