Upernavik, Greenland


In an archipelago filled with small islands, fjords and mountains, the small, colourful fishing town of Upernavik is nestled on a steep hillside. If you have time, try and secure a bed at the Upernavik Guesthouse to give yourself the chance to explore. Here is a brief guide to some of the highlights of Upernavik:

1. Upernavik Museum: A fascinating open-air museum which offers insight into the history of Greenland and the Inuit.

2. Upernavik Art Museum: Holding the world’s most northern collection of Greenlandic art, the museum is a window into local culture and history.

3.  Northern Lights: If conditions are right, Upernavik is a spectacular place to view the Aurora Borealis. You may have seen it during your voyage, but with helming, keeping lookout and helping with the running of the ship, you may not have had time to just sit back and bask in it.

Remember to dress warmly and bring appropriate outdoor gear, as the weather in Greenland can be cold and unpredictable.

Getting to and from Upernavik

All flights to and from Upernavik require a change at either Nuuk or Illulissat via Air Greenland. You may then also require a second domestic flight to Kangerlussuaq, the only airport in Greenland with flights to Europe.

Please note that flight schedules and routes can change, so it is essential to check with airlines or travel agencies for the most up-to-date information before planning your journey to Nuuk.

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