Ibiza 'The Gates of Heaven'

‘The Heavens Gate’ rock feature near Ibiza.

Worthwhile Journeys

You are going to be spending some time in the ports you embark and disembark from. These aren’t just logistical points; they’re opportunities for further enrichment. Take an extra day to discover what’s beyond the harbour. It’s not merely about filling time; it’s about making the entire journey worthwhile.

What to Do in Ibiza


Ah, Ibiza. It’s not just a playground for the rich and famous; it has a rich history too. Take a step back in time and visit Dalt Vila, the UNESCO-listed old town, with its medieval fortress walls and charming cobbled streets. The Archaeological Museum is a treasure trove of Carthaginian and Roman artefacts.


Beyond the beats of electronic music, you’ll find a rich culture influenced by Moorish, Roman, and Carthaginian history. Keep an eye out for local festivals, including the traditional Spanish celebrations and processions.

Sites of Interest to a Sailor

While we tend to avoid marinas like the plague, Ibiza has plenty of alluring headlands and bays for a sailor to enjoy. A sail past the mystical rock of Es Vedra is almost obligatory. It’s said to be the third most magnetic spot on the earth; navigational instruments tend to go haywire, so it’s a true test for any seasoned sailor.


Ibiza is synonymous with world-class nightlife, with clubs like Pacha and Ushuaia setting the bar high. But there are also flamenco shows, live bands and beachside DJs to keep you entertained.

Eating Out

From traditional Spanish tapas to high-end gastronomy, Ibiza has it all. Be sure to try some local dishes like “bullit de peix,” a hearty fish stew.


If you’re a bit of an adventurer, Ibiza’s hiking trails in the north will appeal. There are also some spectacular beaches that are less frequented by tourists—perfect for when you’re ashore and keen to escape the crowds.

Unique Features

Ibiza’s salt flats are a natural wonder, and the sunsets there are something to write home about. The island also has a more spiritual side, with a variety of wellness retreats and even a hippy market.


Well-known hotels include the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel for the party-centric, and the Hacienda Na Xamena for those looking for a quieter, more luxurious experience.

Official Tourist Website

For more information, check out the official tourist website.

Weather Ibiza

Summer is hot and dry, perfect for sailing and beach activities. Autumn sees milder temperatures and fewer crowds. Winter is cooler but still relatively mild, and spring brings blooming flowers and an uptick in temperature.

Sea and Beyond: A Responsible Mariner’s Guide

Since you’re already investing in a unique sailing adventure, why not extend that spirit to your travel choices? Opt for more sustainable methods of transport where possible like trains, coaches or sharing a car. If you fly, and we realise this may well be the case, you could research some ways to offset the carbon created by the flight.

Special Interests

If you have a special interest that you would like to find out about for this port or to tell us about, we would love to hear from you.

How to Get There

UK Flights are plentiful from various UK airports. However, you could opt for a train to a Spanish port and then a ferry, adding another dimension to your adventure.

Europe Well-connected by flights from major European cities, Ibiza is easy to reach. Alternatively, mainland ferries from Barcelona or Valencia are available.

North America Flights typically connect through a major European city. No direct sail routes, but once you’re in Europe, you have options.

Australia A long-haul flight connecting through a European or Middle Eastern airport will get you to Ibiza. Given the distance, why not turn it into a multi-stop adventure?

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