Douarnenez, Brittany

Grayhound has her own berth at Port Rhu and the port is small enough for you to be able to easily spot her distinctive wooden masts.

 Douarnenez, Brittany

How to Get There

For those eager to experience the charm of Douarnenez, Brittany, myriad transport options can usher you to its doorstep.

From the UK:

One of the most straightforward routes is by taking a ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, which is just a short drive away from Douarnenez. Those keen on travelling by rail can catch the Eurostar to Paris and then take a TGV to Quimper. Once at Quimper, Douarnenez is easily accessible via bus or car.

From Europe:

Travelling by TGV train to Quimper is advisable, with connections available from major European cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, or Geneva.

From North America:

Your journey will likely begin with a flight into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. From there, a domestic flight to either Quimper or Brest airports can be taken. Upon reaching either of these airports, Douarnenez can be reached by renting a car or hopping on a coach/bus.

From Australia:

Flights will typically land in Paris or other significant European hubs. Subsequent domestic flights or trains will get travellers to Quimper, after which they can proceed to Douarnenez.

Should you choose to drive to Douarnenez, be assured that parking facilities are in place. For finding or reserving parking spaces, it’s advised to check out JustPark.

What to Do in Douarnenez, Brittany


Douarnenez is rich in maritime history. A standout attraction is the Port-Musée (Port Museum), where visitors can immerse themselves in centuries of naval tradition through ancient boats and exhibits.


The town is a cultural beacon, with festivals such as the Fête des Bateaux (Boat Festival) showcasing traditional boat parades. Furthermore, the locale offers a mix of Celtic-inspired music and contemporary arts for visitors to enjoy.

Sites of Interest to a Sailor:

With its twin harbours, Port Rhu and Port du Rosmeur, Douarnenez is a sight to behold for sailors. Those with a passion for sailing can also embark on tours to explore the Bay of Douarnenez in all its glory.


Nighttime in Douarnenez is lively, thanks to its pubs and clubs that echo with traditional Breton tunes. On special occasions, visitors might even catch a performance of the traditional ‘Fest Noz’ dance in the town’s squares.

Eating Out:

A gastronomic delight awaits food lovers. From the renowned ‘kouign-amann’, a caramelised pastry, to fresh seafood dishes like mussels and oysters, there’s much to relish. And, of course, one can’t leave without sampling the local cider.


The town is surrounded by natural beauty. Take a walk on the Plomarc’h trails, explore ancient ruins, or relax on the Sables Blancs beach. Those looking for scenic views won’t be disappointed with the coastal paths on offer.

Unique Features:

Douarnenez boasts of a legend that sets it apart: the tale of the sunken city of Ys. According to lore, this city lies submerged beneath the town’s bay waters. The story of King Gradlon and his daughter Dahut adds a layer of mystique to this already captivating destination.


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