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Hebridean Scotland – Irish and Celtic Seas – Bay of Biscay – Iberian Peninsular

Sailing from Gibraltar to Northern Scotland is over 1300 nautical miles. It passes through the waters of Spain, Portugal, France, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Hebridean Scotland

This is one of the most scenic sailing grounds in the world with a multitude of islands lochs and ports. great for wildlfie spotting from Sea Eagles to Otters and Minke Whales.

sea eagle territory near mull

Irish and Celtic Seas

Bounded by four nations these seas are criss-crossed by vessels. The weather will decide your route through these waters.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

In the far south west of England you will find brilliant sailing and adventure in the waters of Cornwall and the idyllic Isles of Scilly’

western Europe

the isles of scilly
Isles of scilly

The Bay of Biscay

Crossing the Bay of Biscay is always an achievement, it can be calm but it also has a reputation for rough seas and huge long swells.

sail with classic sailing
Part of the shore of the bay of biscay

The Iberian Peninsular

Stretching down the Ria coast of North West Spain into Portugal and its famous maritime harbours, back into Spain and at last to Gibraltar.

sail with classic sailing

Western Europe – Scotland to Gibraltar Sailing Voyages


La Rochelle to Bordeaux MS240623


Sun 23-06-2024

La Rochelle, France


Thu 27-06-2024

Bordeaux, France

Atlantic Ocean Voyage on Tall Ship Sailing Morgenster with Classic Sailing




A Coruna to La Rochelle MS240615


Sat 15-06-2024

A Coruna


Thu 20-06-2024

La Rochelle, France

Sail on Tall Ship Morgenster with Classic Sailing




Douarenez to Baiona Spain GR071023


Sat 07-10-2023

Douarnenez, Brittany


Mon 16-10-2023

Baiona, Spain

Grayhound crew eating their lunch on the deck in the sunshine