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The English Channel

‘La Manche’ in French, (the Sleeve, from its shape.) ‘Mor Breizh’ in Breton, the ‘Breton Sea’ and in Cornish ‘Mor Kurnow’, the Cornish Sea.

This is one of the busiest sailing regions in the world into which are added some of the busiest shipping routes in the world.

You are either crossing it north or south or traveling along it east or west. West is best!

It has many ports on either side of the Channel and sailors are a big part of the history where ever you go ashore. Captains are spoilt for choice of ports and a lot will depend on the final destination and of course the winds, tides and state of the nations!

Its busy, so keep a good lookout!

The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are a unique part of Great Britain that are as much French as they are British and have some of the strongest tidal currents anywhere in the world with the Alderney Races running at 7 knots in a big spring tide.


The most northerly island is a frequent stop for many tall ships and traditional vessels traveling east or west along the English Channel. It has more forts than pubs and a very long breakwater protecting the island port of Braye.

Jersey and Guernsey

The main islands of Jersey and Guernsey are well developed with Marinas and lots of good shops, pubs and restaurants.  


This small island has more banks than pubs and you have to be careful not to fall of the step edges!

Around the islands.

The waters around the islands are arguably among the clearest, offering the perfect window on a treasure chest of marine life. Dolphins and Porpoises can often be seen off the coast and the whole area has large populations of seabirds. We regularly visit the islands on voyages to and from the French coast and the mild climate means that the area is a great place to visit at any time of year.

Alderney Fort Clonque credited in photo

Fort Clonque on Alderney

The English Channel and the Channel Islands Sailing Voyages


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